The UN security Council relied on Russia’s support for the American resolution on DPRK

The UN security Council are counting on the votes of Russia and China in support of distributed on the eve of the draft resolution on North Korea. As told Reuters on condition of anonymity, a source in the Council, there is “high certainty” that Moscow and Beijing would vote for new sanctions against Pyongyang.

The draft prepared by the United States resolution involves a complete ban on the export from North Korea of iron and lead ores, coal, and seafood. It also assumes a prohibition on increasing the number of labor from the DPRK to other countries, the creation of and investments in joint ventures. In addition, Washington proposes to freeze all accounts of the Bank for foreign trade of the DPRK, and to prohibit the entry of ships under the flag of Korea to the ports of all countries.

It is expected that these measures will reduce to a third of the export earnings of Pyongyang, which now three billion dollars. The Agency source also said that the vote on the draft will be held on Saturday. 5 Aug.

On July 29, the DPRK confirmed the launch of a ballistic missile “And 14”. The North Korean Agency KCNA reported that the test did not pose a threat to neighboring countries, however, is “a stern warning for the United States.” July 4, Russia and China issued a joint initiative of proposing to the DPRK to declare a moratorium on nuclear tests and missile launches, and South Korea and the United States to refrain from conducting large-scale military exercises in the region. Washington, the proposal was ignored.

Concerns in the U.S. regarding the position of Moscow and Beijing on the DPRK related to the fact that President Donald trump on Wednesday, August 2, signed a law on new anti-Russian sanctions, which the us Senate adopted on 27 July. Chinese foreign Ministry stated that it has consistently opposed any unilateral steps.