The mayor of Riga was accused of stealing wire from the computer

The mayor of Riga was accused of stealing wire from the computer

RIGA, Aug 4 — RIA Novosti. The Riga Duma Deputy from the opposition New conservative party Utah the streak has accused the mayor of Riga Nile Ushakov that he tried to steal the wire from the computer of another member of Vilnis Cirsis (“Unity”), which connected the projector to the monitor to prevent the speech of the Deputy.

Ushakov said that in connection with the accusation prepared to arrest and is awaiting a search.

“I personally saw it. Also witnesses are members of my party. It is obvious that Ushakov has not yet a professional thief. Vilnis Cirsis asked Vadim Barannik, the head of the Committee of Riga city Council to bully Ushakov returned to the wire,” said Utah the streak reporters on Friday.

In turn, the mayor on his page on Facebook ironically responded to these statements by politicians, writing that he is already preparing for the search and arrest.

“Utah the streak opened the first crime in the Riga mayor Ushakov stole the wire. Seriously. She told this morning live on LTV1. And added — “shows a thief he’s unprofessional.” Going to prepare for the raids and arrests,” wrote Ushakov.

On 3 August, at an extraordinary meeting of the Committee on communications and transport of the Riga city Council, which was organized at the request of opposition MPs, politicians discussed questions of safety of participants of traffic during repairs.

For the meeting of the Vilnis Cirsis prepared a presentation, which could not show, as he was not working monitor. Sitting in front of Ushakov, tried to pull the wire behind the monitor, hoping that the computer will turn on.