Jennifer Lopez showed how to swing the buttocks

Jennifer Lopez showed how to swing the buttocks

49-year-old pop diva looks good and tries to keep in shape.

Hollywood trainer David Kirsch, to help you work to figure a lot of stars of show – business model, published in his photoblog video training Jennifer Lopez.

American singer and actress makes a challenging squats in motion on bent legs, hands holding behind the head and moves. The result of efforts must become a firm butt is one of the hallmarks of a stage-j-Lo.

Publication by David Kirsch (@davidkirsch) 4 Aug 2017 10:22 PDT

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Usually David Kirsch demonstrates in his photoblog of exercise for a particular muscle group in person or on the assistants, but the stars willingly participate in the process.

However, it is important not to overdo it: the winner of the most beautiful buttocks in the world Gao Qian recently complained about the abundance of attention surrounding her figure. Once accidentally met her, the pair even broke over her buttocks. The young man who was in the back, praised her figure, which aroused the indignation of his girlfriend.

Previously, “Ridus” reported that Jennifer Lopez starred in an exciting photo shoot for the December issue of Harper’s BAZAAR magazine, once again confirming its ability to combine great taste with a passion for bold outfits.