Trump called humiliating for America speculation Democrats of “conspiring with Russia”

Trump called humiliating for America speculation Democrats of “conspiring with Russia”

The US President Donald trump said at a rally in West Virginia that the theory of the Democrats about his collusion with Russia is humiliating for America. His words leads RIA Novosti.

“This is a fake story, which is humiliating for all of us, for our country and the Constitution,” — said the head of the White house.

According to him, the reason that the Democrats are raising this issue, is that they have no ideas, agendas, and concepts. “It’s just an attempt to justify the greatest defeat in American political history,” said trump.

Thousands gathered the President asked if any of them are Russian. According to him, there was no Russian and in Ohio and Pennsylvania. In these States, played a crucial role in the presidential election, trump won by a small margin.

“We won not because of Russia but because of you,” said trump supporters. He encouraged prosecutors to not seek the “Russian trace” in the elections, and 33 thousands of missing emails of his former rival in the election from the Democrats — Hillary Clinton and “the uranium, who sold the Clintons, and who was now in the hands of a very angry Russian.”

Earlier it was reported that spectracolor at “Russian business” Robert Mueller in Washington convened a Grand jury to investigate the allegations about the “Russian interference in the elections.” The consideration of the jury will be meeting in June 2016 with the participation of the son of trump, his son-in-law and a Russian lawyer.

Trump said that the investigation confirms the absence of “collusion” between his presidential campaign and a foreign power. Later, the President called the appointment of the Prosecutor and its investigation a “witch hunt”.