The United States supports the agreement on a third area of de-escalation in Syria

The United States supports the agreement on a third area of de-escalation in Syria

WASHINGTON, Aug 3 — RIA Novosti, Tatyana Kalmykova. US aware of the agreements reached at the third area of de-escalation in Syria and support it, according to a senior representative of the US state Department, responding to a question RIA Novosti.

“We are aware of this,” said the us diplomat, adding that the US “support it”, and de-escalation of the situation in Syria.

“We want to allow the delivery of humanitarian assistance to those areas where it is so necessary,” — said the diplomat.

Earlier, the defense Ministry said that during the meeting in Cairo with representatives of the moderate Syrian opposition on July 31 reached an agreement on the functioning of the third zone of de-escalation in Syria North of HOMS, which included 84 settlements with a population of over 147 thousand people.

In accordance with the agreements of the Russian military police on 4 August will deploy along the plots of the contact line zone of a de-escalation “HOMS” two checkpoint three posts; the Syrian opposition is unlocks a part of the road of HOMS — Hama; the detachments and units of the Syrian army fully cease fire in the area of “HOMS” from noon Thursday.

As in the existing two zones of de-escalation, the cease of hostilities in the area, “HOMS” does not apply to the formation of ISIS terrorists* and “Dzhebhat EN-Nusra”*. Moderate Syrian opposition has committed to removal from controlled areas of HOMS province for all units affiliated to these international terrorist organizations.

*A terrorist organization banned in Russia.