The Russian foreign Ministry protested the inability of the UN security Council to condemn the terrorists

The inability of the Security Council (SC) of the UN to condemn the actions of terrorists encourages them to new provocations and attacks, and also makes them feel impunity. This is stated in the commentary of the Russian foreign Ministry.

The document notes that for the third time in a month representatives of the USA, the UK, France and Ukraine in the security Council, under various pretexts blocked Russia’s proposal to take the standard short draft press statement condemning the terrorist attack on the Russian diplomatic mission in Damascus. It was shelled from the positions of groups “Hayat Tahrir Al-sham” (the former “Dzhabhat EN-Nusra”, banned in Russia — approx. “Of the”) and “Falak Ar-Rahman”. The foreign Ministry recalled that “al-Nusra” in the world unanimously consider a terrorist organization.

“The failure to exercise diplomatic solidarity with us, let them remain on the conscience of those delegations,” — said the Agency. The foreign Ministry also noted that “I would not like to have these barbarians were created by the belief that someone in the Security Council with them”.

On 26 July, the Russian mission to the UN said that some members of the security Council again refused to consider the Russian draft statement, under the false pretext of lack of evidence of the terrorist nature of the attack on the Embassy in Syria.

Last month, the building of the Russian diplomatic mission was attacked several times. The latest such incident occurred on 2 August: on the premises of the mission fell two mortar shells, two near the perimeter.