China’s foreign Ministry again called upon India to withdraw its troops from Tibet

Geng Shuang

Foreign Ministry spokesman China Geng Shuang again urged India to withdraw troops from the territory of the disputed border with India. About it reports “Xinhua”.

“China briefed India on road construction [in the disputed area] in the framework of border meetings on 18 may and 8 June, but India has not commented on this,” said Geng. According to him, 18 June, more than 270 Indian military crossed the border and entered the territory of China.

“As of 2 Aug in China are still 48 Indian soldiers and one bulldozer,” said a Chinese diplomat. He also added that new Delhi ignored the existing mechanisms and channels, forcefully entered the armed forces on Chinese territory and refuses to withdraw them. “It is illegal from the point of view of international law”, — concluded the Leg.

Earlier, on July 24, press Secretary of the Ministry of defense of China Wu Qian, in connection with the aggravation of the situation in the border area, called the “Indian side not to take risks and have no illusions”. The immediate impetus for the growth of tension was the construction of the Chinese road between China and the government of Bhutan that India is responsible.

Between India and China has a territorial dispute, and the state dividing line of actual control. New Delhi and Beijing still did not come to an agreement on internationally recognized demarcated the border in separate mountainous areas.