The leader of the Scooter arrived in Crimea

The leader of the Scooter arrived in Crimea

Moscow. 4 Aug. INTERFAX.RU — Frontman of the famous German group Scooter, H. P. Baxter arrived in the Crimea, where he plans 4 August to speak at a music festival #ZBFest in Balaklava, despite criticism of the visit to the Peninsula in the Western media.

Photos of the musician appeared in the night of Friday on the page of the airport “Simferopol” on Facebook. Previously, the Bild wrote that Scooter plans to spend this summer in a concert in the Crimea caused resentment in Germany and Ukraine. “We’re going to Crimea in order to engage in politics, but because there are our fans. We want to please them,” — said the leader of the group in an interview with German newspaper.

The official Scooter site does not state the country where the team will perform, it just says Balaklava, while in other cases, such instructions are available.