Sberbank bankrupt Krasnoyarsk state Duma Deputy



State Duma Deputy from the Krasnoyarsk Krai Victor Zubarev can be declared bankrupt. The corresponding statement in Krasnoyarsk arbitration filed by Sberbank. The amount of overdue — 198,3 mln. Viktor Zubarev was named sued the failed Bank, which inflicted “political damage”.

Sberbank of Russia has addressed in arbitration court with the statement for a recognition the bankrupt of the Deputy of the state Duma from Krasnoyarsk region Victor Zubarev. In a press-service of the court, “Kommersant” confirmed the receipt of this document. A hearing to review the validity of submitted application, scheduled for September 20. The amount of the claim of the Bank 198,3 mln. the claim of the Bank associated with defaulting on the loan, which Mr. Zubarev has acted as the guarantor issued by the GK “Sibservis” to buy Krasnoyarsk shopping center “Krastets” reports citing sources familiar with the situation.

According to “SPARK-Interfax”, Viktor Zubarev was the co-founder of OOO TK “Krastets”, which in 2010 was reorganized by consolidation of OOO “Sibservis-plus” (mister Zubarev was also a founder). Currently, the arbitration Tribunal is the claim of the savings Bank for membership in the bankruptcy case “Sibservis-plus” with the amount of claims 203,8 mln. According to Sberbank in February 2016 between OOO “Cuir” and the Bank signed a credit agreement, according to which “Sibservis-plus” was a guarantor. “I have not relation to these business entities”,— said “Kommersant” Victor Zubarev.

Commenting on the submission by Sberbank, Mr Zubarev told Kommersant that found out about the lawsuit from media reports: “I’m on vacation and can’t come around personally to understand. I spoke with the head of Sberbank, told me that an error has occurred. I think that information will be removed from (website.— “B”) court of arbitration”.

Victor Zubarev has noted that he sees in the current situation, the political subtext. “This whole situation is unpleasant for me. I haven’t decided yet, consult with lawyers, but I have the desire to sue. I believe that I suffered political damage. So “wrong” it is impossible that such things should be checked at the level of senior management (of the Bank.— “Kommersant”). I work as a Deputy for 20 years, has always declared the income,”— said Viktor Zubarev.

In a press-service of the Siberian Bank JSC “Sberbank” reported “Kommersant” that confirm the information posted on the website of the arbitration court of the Krasnoyarsk territory, and refrained from making any comments “until a court decision”.

Partner of the Collegium of advocates “Yukov and partners” Svetlana Tarnopol’skaya notes that in Russian legislation there is no such thing as “political damage”. In this case we can speak about protection of honor, dignity and business reputation. If you find that an error has occurred, so no reputation loss MP do not suffer, according to analyst Alexei Makarkin: “Although these big financial companies to first verify the information before you go to court”. Political consultant Dmitry Fetisov believes that the voters “have little interest in commercial Affairs, their deputies, and not delve into their scheme of doing business.” “This is not the first precedent, we can recall former state Duma Deputy Oleg Mikheyev, who owed several banks and engaged them in fierce litigation. However, no fashion problem for himself, he has not received”,— said Mr. Fetisov.