Residents of the island told about readiness to sail hundreds of miles for Putin

Inhabitants of Irkutsk Khuzhir village, who asked the President’s assistance with the construction of the road on Olkhon island in a straight line, volunteered to swim several hundred kilometers to Buryatia for a meeting with Vladimir Putin. On Friday, August 4, RIA Novosti reported.

“When we learned that the President will be in Tahoe [kubanska village in the district of Buryatia], wanted to get into the boat and go back to again raise this issue. After a straight line, none of the higher authorities nor uttered no word about the work we have started on the road,” — said the head of the administration of the municipality Khuzhirskiy Faith Malanov.

Earlier on Friday, the head of state held in Buryatia meeting on environmental development of the Baikal natural territory. In particular, the President instructed the Governor of the Irkutsk region Sergey Levchenko reduce the time of road construction on the island, said TASS.

During the meeting, Levchenko spoke about the difficulties of carrying out works in the conservation area. The importation of crushed rock from outside this area will significantly increase the cost of construction, said the Governor and asked the President to authorize the development of a career. While Levchenko failed to name a necessary amount of rubble, no money.

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“Sergei Georgievich, you are putting us in a difficult position, because you say that will increase the cost, but how much exactly it will grow, you don’t know. How much crushed stone you can not answer”, — Putin responded. In the end, Levchenko promised to make the necessary calculations and provide them to the head of state on 6 August.

Putin in the framework of the working visit to Buryatia held a meeting on the issues of elimination of consequences of natural fires, which damaged several settlements of the region. In addition, he instructed the Prosecutor General to check out the lake Baikal on the subject of illegal and environmentally harmful activities.

Distance between the village of Khuzhir and Tankhoi on the road is 527 kilometers.