Double benefit

Double benefit

In Siberia, a woman 15 years illegally received two pensions. During this time she paid 1.5 million rubles. more. Jane DOE has applied for a pension in two different regions of the country and everywhere received a positive response. This is not the only case where older people have managed to cheat the pension system. Known for dozens of similar episodes.

Director of public relations and media relations of the Pension Fund of Russia Margarita Nagoga has explained that the fraudsters used some common schemes, one of which has already been removed.

How this was done: changed name for various reasons, my passport, move to another region. And another case where a person appoints early retirement in the same region, then moved to another region and there appoint another pension. Now this is impossible, because we are creating a Federal database of information that previously was regional. All these cases are identified. They, of course, tens.Margarita Nagovarivaete of the Department of public relations and interaction with mass media of the Russian Pension Fund

All suspected fraud prosecuted. Most of them were given illegal pension. If it is a large sum, defendants threaten criminal real time, said the Director of the law group “Yakovlev & partners” Anastasiya Ragulina: “It is a fraud upon receipt of payments. If there was, say, a simple size, the punishment will be forced labor for a term up to two years. If the fraud was committed in especially large size, it is imprisonment for up to ten years with a fine. If someone of the employees Pension Fund to the duties prescribed mandatory verification of such data, he could face a disciplinary responsibility”.

One attacker managed to obtain from the state the average amount of several hundred thousand rubles, follows from known media reports of cases of fraud with the pension Fund.

Anna Pestereva.