Trump commented on the signing of the law on sanctions against Russia

Donald Trump

The President of the United States Donald trump commented on the signing of the law on sanctions against Russia, Iran and North Korea. According to him, the document contains “a number of clearly unconstitutional measures.” This is stated in the official report the White house. The text of the release on Wednesday, August 2, published in his Twitter the ABC.

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The statement also says that the provisions of the act violates the exclusive constitutional powers of the President in recognizing foreign governments. In addition, Congress gets the opportunity to change the law to bypass the process required by the Constitution. Also on the Executive the obligations imposed, which are contrary spelled out in the basic law the right of the President to determine the time, scope and objectives of international negotiations.

The document says: “the Administration anticipates that Congress will refrain from the use of this bad law to prevent our important work with European colleagues on the resolution of the Ukrainian conflict.”

Trump has promised that his administration is carefully and respectfully consider the preferences of Congress and will implement them in accordance with the constitutional powers of the President.