In the United States has proposed to waive visa lottery

Immigration bill RAISE proposed by the President of the United States Donald trump, provides for the waiver of the visa lottery. This was reported on Wednesday, August 2, on the official website of the Senator-Republican Tom cotton (Tom Cotton), one of the authors of the document.

The statement noted that the current system is outdated. “The lottery is a target for scams, it does not meet the economic and humanitarian interests,” the MP said. He added that the US seeks to open doors to talented people from around the world who want to legally work in the country, and for that you need to change the rules of entry.

The bill also provides entry points for immigrants: priority will be given to visitors, potential to succeed professionally and to improve the American economy. In addition, the document determines the limit of refugees who may be resident in the United States — up to 50 thousand a year.

“For decades, our immigration system has been completely divorced from the needs of the economy, which is reflected in the salaries of the working population. In our law everything will be all right,” said cotton.

Visa lottery, Diversity Visa program, conducted since 1990. It selects each year, 55 thousand people. To get the document you need a certain level of education and knowledge of the English language.