The Ural Deputy will work 350 hours for the theft of plates from a rural road

Deputy of kartalinsky district of Chelyabinsk oblast sentenced to 350 hours of compulsory work for the theft of the plates, which were strengthened rural road. On Tuesday, August 2, portal Sign said the Prosecutor of the region Alexander Danilov.

As set the world Bredinsky district court, hearing this case on the evening of 2 June, the member of the local administration was driving his car UAZ in the city of Kartaly. The road on which he moved, was reinforced with concrete slabs. The MP stopped, loaded, 19 plates in your car and drove away but was later stopped by the traffic police.

“In the court of the Deputy guilty to stealing 19 of the plates is not recognized, explaining that I bought them on the road by unknown persons. But the guilt of the defendant confirmed the evidence,” said Danilov.

In addition to performing the compulsory work, the Deputy must also pay a fine in the amount of eight thousand roubles.

According to sources Sign convicted the Deputy of rural settlement Valuescope kartalinsky district Vladimir Slinkin, elected from the party “United Russia”.