On the banks of the Moscow river found a dozen bags and boxes of human remains

Near the Moscow river found fragments of human bodies, reported Wednesday, August 2, on the website of the capital’s Central Directorate of the Investigative Committee.

July 29, on the South Bank of the river along the street Borisovsky Ponds were found two black plastic bag with the remains of a woman.

August 1, in the course of operational search activities carried out within investigation of this criminal case, on the same side found eight bags and two cemented cardboard box with the remains of a man, and a fragment of the pelvic bone of another person (gender not specified).

Investigated the case under article 105 of the RF criminal code murder of two or more entities.

21 July under the coast pylon Big Krasnokholmsky bridge was found fragments of bodies of two women. It turned out that dealt with them a man with a female partner, to which the victim came to the birthday party. During a feast between women, as the investigators found, “misunderstanding”, after which the murder occurred. Roommates first hid the body in the sofa where I fell asleep, and then dismembered them, part of the remains thrown into the river, and the rest burned. The suspects were detained.