Slow donkeys prevented the smugglers to overcome Limpopo

Slow donkeys prevented the smugglers to overcome Limpopo

Police in South Africa prevented an attempt by smugglers to transport stolen Mercedes-Benz C220 in Zimbabwe by four donkeys. It is reported by news portal TimesLIVE.

Law enforcement officers found the car, when the criminals were forwarded to her through the partially dry river Limpopo, which flows on the border of the two countries.

There’s a new trend in cross-border vehicle smuggling.Criminals now use donkeys to traffic stolen cars across the Limpopo river to Zimbabwe.

— Channel Islam Int (@channelislam) 2 Aug 2017
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“Donkey dragged the car across the river. Our officers pounced on the suspects after the animals, apparently, were no longer able to move”, — said the representative of the local police.

The criminals fled in the direction of Zimbabwe. No one is arrested.

Donkeys in the incident, which occurred on July 31, was not injured.

As writes on Wednesday, August 2, Zimbabwean newspaper the Herald, in the Republic of South Africa stepped up the fight against illegal migration and smuggling on the border. With the new case within seven days, the police found five cars that were shipped to Zimbabwe.

In December last year, police also prevented stolen in South Africa the car to get into Zimbabwe. Then the smugglers used donkeys to cross the Limpopo. Partially submerged car was spotted by security forces from a helicopter. Seeing him, the suspects fled, leaving cars, and animals.

The Herald notes that the majority exported from South Africa of stolen cars end up in Malawi and Tanzania.