On the military depots in Abkhazia explosion

On the military depots in Abkhazia explosion

In the military warehouses district of the Abkhazian town of Primorsko was an explosion of ammunition, said local authorities.

The representative of the Ministry of Georgia’s breakaway Republic said the Russian service Bi-bi-si, that in a military warehouse, Minoborony Abkhazia fire occurred. According to him, the scene moved three of the garrison fire Department. The cause of the fire is currently unclear.

The sides of Bi-bi-si, located in the Abkhazian settlement Primorsko confirmed that they had heard similar explosions sounds.

“The explosion occurred in a warehouse of the Ministry of defense of Abkhazia. The warehouse is located away from the settlements. No casualties were reported. In place are the working groups of the Ministry of defense and Ministry of emergency situations”, — quotes Agency “Sputnik” press Secretary of the Ministry of defence.

Abkhazian journalist Nisha Arshba told bi-Bi-si, that in the explosion, “many people” were injured.

Abkhazia declared its independence after the Russian-Georgian military conflict in August 2008. Its independence is now recognized by Russia, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Nauru. The UN continues to regard Abkhazia as Georgia, but Tbilisi insists that Russia invaded the territory of Abkhazia (and South Ossetia). Moscow claims that helps two unrecognized States.