Two three-year old boy and two adults died in a fire in the Rostov region

In the city of Bataysk (Rostov region) in a fire at a residential building killed four people, including two children. It is reported

The fire started on Sunday evening, July 30. Among the victims were two three-year old boy, 33-year-old mother and 61-year-old grandfather.

As specified on the website of the regional emergency Department, the fire area was 60 square meters. The fire was extinguished by 22:47 GMT. In its liquidation was attended by 12 people and five pieces of equipment. The incident reasons are established.

Earlier in July in a burned-out abandoned home in the village of Sukhobuzimskoye, Krasnoyarsk Krai rescuers found the bodies of five people, four of them children. Another child with smoke inhalation were taken to the Central regional hospital. According to preliminary data, the incident occurred due to careless handling of fire or breach of fire safety regulations at operation of oven heating.