Mayor Teftelev instructed to remove the gyro away from the Chelyabinsk temples

Evgeny Teftelev

In Chelyabinsk, a working group on the fight with stalls selling Shawarma. On Monday, July 31, at hardware meeting the mayor of the city Eugene Teftelev, reports

“My head of the Kalinin district Sergey Kolesnikov saw the stalls with Shawarma and a gas tank at the Church of the Holy Trinity. Parishioners buy a Shawarma and then go directly to the temple with this Shawarma! This should not be”, — said the Teftelev.

He noted that in most cases, such outlets are illegal — taxes from their activities are not deducted in the budget of the municipality. According to the calculations of officials in Chelyabinsk, about 600 stalls.

The monitoring group, which included representatives of law enforcement and Federal agencies, will be headed by the Deputy head of the city’s economy Elena Murzina. Stalls selling fast food, operating illegally or located in inappropriate places, will be dismantled by forces owners to either force — municipal services, the newspaper writes.

Shawarma (or kebab) is a middle Eastern dish of pita or lavash, stuffed grilled, then chopped meat with spices, sauces and salad from fresh vegetables.