Russian young people are considered competent and Putin

Most of the Russian youth supports the policy of President Vladimir Putin. This is evidenced by the on-line survey conducted by the Centre for sociology students. Figures on Tuesday, August 1, leads TASS.

About the support policy of the head of state said more than 80 percent of respondents. 11 percent said that “rather not support” and three percent — do not support fully.

Students were also asked about their personal perception of Putin. 46 percent expressed sympathy for the President, 31 percent — about the rapture. Five percent of respondents said that belong to the President or expectantly wary.

More than 90 percent of respondents believe Putin literate and competent person. 89 percent believe that it is balanced, thoughtful and confident.

It is noted that participation in the survey of more than two thousand people — students of higher and secondary special educational institutions from more than 30 regions of Russia. The survey link was distributed through the student community in social networks.