In the far East restored the flow of electricity

Bureyskaya HPP

In the far East restored all transmission lines that were previously disabled due to a failure. On Tuesday, August 1, reports TASS.

“All five air lines [power] is turned on,” said Federal grid company (FGC).

Earlier on Tuesday it became known that due to overload on the Bureya hydroelectric power station, no light left more than 600 thousand local residents. It was also suspended the movement of trains on the railway section from the station of Mogocha in Zabaykalsky Krai to Khabarovsk.

On the morning of 1 August, the energy Ministry said that in the far East triggered the protection grid, disconnect five air high-voltage lines: “Bureyskaya HPP — Amur” , “Bureyskaya HPP — Khabarovskaya”, “Amur — Heihe”, “Khabarovsk — Volochaevka traction” and “Khabarovsk — left-Bank”. Because of this, Russia has temporarily suspended the supply of electricity in the PRC.

The power of networking, disconnected from consumers because of an accident in the far East is estimated at 1.15 thousand megawatts.