In the Moscow regional court staged a shootout

Continued: the shooter in the suburban court was accused on charges of the gang GTA

In the building of the Moscow regional court skirmish, there are wounded. About it reports RIA Novosti

Video: Mash | Mash / Vkontakte

“Injured employees who saw a wounded female Marshal,” said Agency attorney Sophia Rabaska.

According to her, she heard at least 20 shots.

According to REN TV, one of the defendants grabbed the COP’s gun. Arrived at the scene by police, reports TASS with reference to the source.

Press Secretary of the Moscow regional court Natalia Osipova told “Interfax” that from the building they evacuate the area due to “an incident during one of the meetings”. Any details of the incident, she did not disclose.

The building of the Moscow regional court is located on the 65-66 km of Moscow ring road not far from “Crocus city” and metro station “Myakinino”.