Two Russians detained at Vnukovo airport with 2,5 kilos of cocaine in the stomachs

In the capital’s Vnukovo airport detained two citizens of St. Petersburg who tried to smuggle into the country some 2.5 kilos of cocaine in their stomachs, reported by REN TV in a press-service of customs on Tuesday, August 1.

“The results of the inspection of these citizens with the use of x-ray installation “the Loop” discovered a mass in the gastrointestinal tract”, — noted there. In the hospital one of the men found 34, and the other 29 are filled with some substance containers from a four condoms. Express-analysis showed that they contained cocaine.

Criminal case about smuggling of narcotics in the large size (article 229.1. THE CRIMINAL CODE).

The detainees arrived on a flight from Istanbul where he had arrived from Sao Paulo.

On 19 July it was reported about detention at customs in the Sheremetyevo of the citizen of Ukraine who tried to smuggle cocaine in her stomach. During the inspection of baggage and hand Luggage 36-year-old man was confused in the answers to the questions and was visibly nervous. Doctors have confiscated 57 of containers of narcotic substance with a total weight of 600 grams.