Macron announced a new level of cooperation with Russia



The President of France Emmanuel macron said that relations between Russia and France in the fight against terrorism in Syria has reached a new level after negotiations with Vladimir Putin.

Macron commended the negotiations on the Syrian issue with Russian President Vladimir Putin. On the outcome of the Versailles meeting, the French leader said in an interview with Le Journal du dimanche (JDD).

“We are making progress in all matters. The exchange of information and cooperation between the official services of our countries have risen to another level,” said the French President.

He noted that Paris is now more worried about the use of chemical weapons in Syria. France intends to give a hard answer to all who will apply it in the region. The second important question macron called humanitarian aid and rescue of the civilian population in the conflict zone.

According to Macron, it does not insist on the removal from power of Bashar al-Assad. Its main goal – the complete destruction of the terrorists and the restoration of normal life in Syria.

The talks between Putin and Macron were held in late may at Versailles. The conversation lasted over 3 hours.