The analyst on the rating of the President of the United States: trump


AP Photo / Gerald Herbert

The President of the United States Donald trump is unable to negotiate with Russia – according to a survey conducted by the Washington Post and ABC News, sure nearly half of Americans (48%). In addition, 47% of respondents do not trust Trump to negotiate with someone else from the world leaders.

According to the survey, 60% of Americans are convinced that Russia “tried to intervene” in the election of the US President, and 44% believe that trump “benefited” from it.

A rating of Donald trump in the first half of his work decreased to 36%, dissatisfied with his work, 58% of Americans. In June, according to a survey of Harvard-Harris Poll for the Hill newspaper, the approval rating of trump rose for the first time in a long time. Then the President of the USA has approved 48% of Americans.

The change of public opinion can explain the influence of information on the population of the United States, said Professor of the Academy of social management, political scientist Anatoly Petrenko.

“Any survey results sometimes a little bit naughty numbers. But the fact that there is a massive informational impact on the population of the United States, it is also one of the reasons for such results. Showed, first, a meeting (Russian President Vladimir) Putin and trump. I have even surprised myself that trump looked a little lost. Secondly, there was a film about Putin, the famous American film Director (Oliver stone, ed.). And, apparently, many Americans did not feel the usual power of the American President and to the pressure that they usually have on partners. Hence the element of distrust. I’m not sure that there’s 48%, but even if 30 is still a lot of”, – said Anatoly Petrenko on air of radio Sputnik.

However, in his opinion, despite the downgrade of trump, it is too early to talk about the disappointment of Americans in their President.

“Lately a lot of talk about impeachment, but I see no reason for it. You know, just trump so far, no results of its activities, although six months have passed. If he is now to report, I have nothing: well, met with the met with this, and radical solutions-that yet. He had some kind of “running in place” is: for self-development – good, overall – not very. But any change even at the regional level cannot occur on click, this takes years, not to mention a country like the United States. And now opponents of the trump holding a boiling point approximately the same temperature,” – said Anatoly Petrenko.

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