In Ukraine found a unique Scythian woman

In Ukraine found a unique Scythian woman Tractor in Kirovohrad region stumbled upon a stone that turned out to be a unique archaeological artifact. Seeing the boulder human shape, the man turned to the scientists. Arrived at the scene by archeologists, who found that the figure is so-called Scythian Baba about V century BC, reports TSN. Everything in the world was found hundreds of similar statues, but this early in just the third. Stone woman, despite the name, not always depict women — sometimes, for example, figures of warriors. As a rule, they were established on the burial mounds of nomadic peoples — Scythians, Cumans, and many others. A lot of these stone sculptures found in the southern Russian steppes in the East of Ukraine, and also in southern Siberia, Mongolia, Central Asia. Scientists attribute these sculptures with the cult of ancestors.

“Suffering “Moydodyr”. What persecuted of Korney Chukovsky?

“Suffering “Moydodyr”. What persecuted of Korney Chukovsky? 31 Mar 1882 born Nikolai Korneichuk, who became known under the name of Korney Ivanovich Chukovsky. The author of the legendary tales “Crocodile”, “Moidodyr”, “cockroach” and many others still remains the most published in Russian children’s writer. However, the way to unconditional acceptance and popularity Chukovsky had to go through a serious test. Krupskaya vs crocodiles Baiting Chukovsky began with an unexpected and rather confusing article Nadezhda Konstantinovna Krupskaya, was published in the newspaper “Pravda” in 1928. Korney Ivanovich by that time was already famous, sought-after writer. In the article titled “About “Crocodile” Chukovsky” the wife of the leader of the revolution wrote that, they say, to teach a child to talk all sorts of nonsense, read all sorts of nonsense, may be accepted in bourgeois families. But this has nothing to do with the education, which should give the younger generation in

Scientists have figured out what was previously on Mars

Scientists have figured out what was previously on Mars Researchers from the University of Colorado at boulder found that a large part of its atmosphere Mars has lost from-for bombardment by the solar wind. Scientists believe that this has changed the climate of the red planet from warm and wet to cold and dry. A study published in the journal Science. The climate of the planet depends on the composition of the atmosphere. To better understand how the Martian atmosphere changed over time, scientists decided to measure the concentrations of two isotopes of argon in the atmosphere at different altitudes. The researchers found that a lighter isotope of argon at high altitudes is more common than severe and the solar wind is easier to “throw” it from the atmosphere. Using the data obtained by the American satellite MAVEN, the researchers found that 66% argon disappeared from the atmosphere of Mars

Sands of uncoordinated action in Moscow: in Russian it is called a provocation

Photo: TASS Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov commented on the situation with inconsistent event, which was held in Moscow on March 26. “In Russian it is called a provocation Invite people to take part in the campaign, which obviously was inconsistent, certainly was illegal, and to position this action as, on the contrary, a coherent and legitimate — it is a provocation,” he said. According to Peskov, in the case of young people who took part in the campaign, attempts were made to indirect bribery. Previously the Investigative Committee of Russia said that they have information about what attending an unsanctioned rally in Moscow has offered a reward in the case of detention for participation.

Yavlinsky calls to change the law on presidential elections

Photo: RIA Novosti The founder of the party “Yabloko” Grigory Yavlinsky, who intends to participate in the elections of the President of Russia in 2018, called to change the electoral law. This is stated in a statement received by TASS. “We demand that Russia finally held presidential elections, which the society can be considered legitimate. For this purpose it is necessary to change the order of formation of election commissions, including the Central election Commission, which now actually forms the current President, that is one of the candidates, to create a special independent Tribunal to consider all disputes concerning the election preparations and campaign, to solve the issue of public financing of election campaigns of candidates in presidents”, – the document says. It also Yavlinsky calls for “the immediate establishment of a television format, which will be possible an open, honest, lengthy and thoughtful debate, and are required to participate

Russia, the UN said, who incited a hybrid war in Ukraine

The headquarters of the UN © Valery sharifulin/TASS UN 31 Mar. /Offset. TASS Oleg Zelenin/. Russia received on Friday, organized by Ukraine informal meeting in the headquarters of the UN on the issue of hybrid wars. During the discussion, second Secretary, permanent mission of the Russian Federation at the world organization Stanislav Alekseev answered another batch of allegations about the role of Moscow in the conflict in the Donbass, Recalling what started the armed confrontation. A diplomat agreed with the statement the organizers of the meeting that the most important stage of hybrid war “is a preparatory stage”. “This is clearly seen on the example of our neighboring Ukraine,” – said the representative of the Russian Federation. He drew attention to the statements of the former U.S. assistant Secretary of state Victoria Nuland, after another trip to Kiev in December 2013, “said that her country had spent $5 billion on

Fox: Clinton had access to classified documents after leaving office of the Secretary of state

Fox: Clinton had access to classified documents after leaving office of the Secretary of state According to the Chairman of the legal Committee of the Senate of the Chuck Grassly, access was also six staff of the former candidate for President of the United States. MOSCOW, March 31. /TASS/. Former U.S. Secretary of state Hillary Clinton had constant access to secret and top secret documentation Department of State of the country even after he left the post in 2013. This was reported by TV channel Fox News referring to the Chairman of the Senate judiciary Committee of the U.S. Congress, Republican Chuck Grassley. According to him, in addition to the former candidate for President of the United States access and six staff members of the Clinton As Grassley said, they apparently retained access after the former Secretary of state announced his intention to run for the presidency in April 2015.

Media: Russia has offered Japan to build electric and geothermal power station on the South Kuril Islands

Media: Russia has offered Japan to build electric and geothermal power station on the South Kuril Islands Russia also advocated the Japanese side construction of houses for residents of the southern Kurils, and Japan — for creating a system of tourist cruises. TOKYO, March 31. /Offset. TASS Igor Belyaev/. The Russian side in the framework of joint economic activities on southern Kuriles invited Japan to build a electric and geothermal. As reported by a major newspaper of Japan “Yomiuri”, such projects, in particular, included in the package handed over to the Japanese side at the last in Tokyo on March 18 consultations with the participation of Deputy foreign Minister Igor Morgulov. According to the newspaper, Russia then gave Japan a package of 26 proposals. Japan, in turn, has submitted 30 proposals. “Yomiuri” observes that on many points packages parties coincided: this in particular concerns the construction of plants for the

The Israeli authorities approved the establishment of a new settlement in the West Bank

The Israeli authorities approved the establishment of a new settlement in the West Bank The Israeli military-political Cabinet approved the decision to establish a new Jewish settlement on the West Bank of the Jordan river, the press service of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. “The military-political Cabinet headed by the Prime Minister tonight unanimously approved the establishment of a new settlement in the valley of Shiloh,” reads the message on the page of Mr. Netanyahu in Facebook. Earlier this month, the Israeli Parliament passed a law allowing it to deny a visa to foreigners who oppose Jewish settlements in the region of Judea and Samaria, more commonly known as the West Bank of the Jordan river. The reason for the ban on entry into the country can become the call for “economic, cultural or academic” boycott of tel Aviv or the promise to participate in such a boycott.

Most Brazilians are disappointed in the government of Temer

Michel Temer The approval rating of the government of the Brazilian leader Michel Temer fell to a record low. About it reports Reuters with reference to the results of the polls. A study conducted by the national Institute of public opinion and statistics, showed that 55 percent of Brazilians evaluate the work of the government negatively, considering them “bad” or “terrible” (in December 2016, the figure was 46 percent). Reacted positively to the activities of Ministers, only 10 percent of respondents (compared to 13 percent last December). Falling popularity of the President: if at the end of 2016 26 Brazilians were satisfied with his rule, now the figure is 20 percent, at the same time, the number of opponents of the President increased from 64 percent to 73. Eight out of 10 Brazilians said they do not trust the Temer. Temer holds the post of head of state from 31