In Russia is becoming less legal labor migrants

In Russia is becoming less legal labor migrants Experts Ranepa explain this deterioration in the labour market. The number of migrant workers continues to decline, according to the analytical report of the Institute of social analysis and forecasting Ranhigs. If at the end of last year in the country were 9.6 million foreigners by the end of January, 9.5 million In the past year, in contrast to 2015, temporary migration was seasonal, foreigners have become increasingly travel to Russia at the end of the spring and by late autumn the wave went down. 85% of all foreigners in Russia are citizens of CIS countries. At the end of 2016, their number amounted to 8.2 million people (5% less than in January last year), at the end of January this year — 8.1 million the structure of the migration flow in the last year has changed. Decreased number in Russia of

Voluntary work in parks will be held at 75 venues

Voluntary work in parks will be held at 75 venues Participants will be given gloves, aprons and cleaning utensils. For those who want to help in the preparation of the green areas in the spring, parks will develop the entertainment program. Litter pick to be held on 8 and 22 April, will be held at 75 venues in the capital’s parks. Muscovites will be offered to help with the spring cleaning “Sokolniki”, Gorky Park, Muzeon, Hermitage garden, the estates of Kolomenskoye, Tsaritsyno and even Moscow zoo. For the townspeople prepare musical programs, quests, cooking classes and other activities Saturdays will be held in the green areas under the jurisdiction of the Department of culture of Moscow, in almost all districts. It is expected that the event will be attended by about 25 thousand people. “They will be given gloves, aprons and all necessary equipment — rakes, brooms, bags for garbage

Scientists: Great barrier reef turn white due to warming

Scientists: Great barrier reef turn white due to warming Continuing for the second consecutive year, coral bleaching Great Barrier reef can be stopped only by adopting measures to combat global warming, scientists say. The study of the phenomenon of “whitening” or bleaching of the largest reef on the planet was conducted by a team of scientists from the Australian University of James cook. Scientists came to the conclusion that corals lose their color due to the loss of zooxanthellae — microscopic yellow-green algae that live in the tissues of the coral polyp. Zooxanthellae are separate organisms living in symbiosis with corals. When the coral is subjected to stress or potentially hazardous exposure, the zooxanthellae leave it. This is what happens with the Great Barrier reef is the second year in a row, scientists believe. Researchers believe that the process threatens the very existence of the reef “Climate change is the

The foreign Ministry commented on the UN report on human rights in Ukraine

Photo: AR The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia commented on the UN report on human rights in Ukraine, noting that human rights activists have confirmed the lack of progress in the investigation of the tragedy in Odessa. “Human rights once more confirmed the absence of improvement in the Ukrainian justice system that is connected, including, with the pressure on the judiciary and the Prosecutor’s office from the authorities and radical nationalists. There is still no progress in the investigation of the tragedy in Odessa in may 2014,” — said the Russian foreign Ministry. On Wednesday, the office of the UN high Commissioner for human rights on the situation of human rights in Ukraine issued a report stating that the victims of the conflict in the Donbass steel of 9.94 thousand people, more than 23 thousand were wounded.

Merkel will visit Moscow on may 2

Merkel will visit Moscow on may 2 As the Prime Minister of Bavaria, Horst Seehofer, German Chancellor is expected to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin. BERLIN, March 16. /Offset. TASS Anton Dolgunov/. German Premier of Bavaria, Horst Seehofer, who is currently in Moscow, said German Chancellor Angela Merkel will arrive on 2 may in the Russian capital, where expected to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin. This was reported by the DPA news Agency. The government in response to the request offset. TASS is not denied nor confirmed this information. “We have seen this message. You know about the upcoming trips we will inform only when there comes any moment”, — said the press service of the Cabinet. On Wednesday, Russian presidential aide Yuri Ushakov told reporters in Moscow that the date of the arrival of the German Chancellor agreed. However, he did not specify the timing, noting that

“Good news for Europe”

“Good news for Europe” The radicals lost the election in the Netherlands. People’s party for freedom and democracy under the leadership of incumbent Prime Minister Mark Rutte won the parliamentary elections in the Netherlands. Second place was taken by the far-right freedom Party of Geert Wilders. Thus, the results of the vote not become a new round of global trend — a sharp increase in Europe in the positions of nationalists and right-wing populationpolicy after “Breccia” said “Stop!” unacceptable populism. Now we need to form a stable government and lead the country forward.Mark Rutaremara Minister of the Netherlands German Chancellor Angela Merkel, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and Minister of foreign Affairs of France Jean-Marc Ayrault congratulated Mark Rutte with his win. In the Netherlands completed the counting of votes in 362 of 388 municipalities in the aftermath of 15 March parliamentary elections. According to preliminary data released today, won

The LDPR in the Duma introduced a draft resolution on Crimean “Amnesty”

The LDPR in the Duma introduced a draft resolution on Crimean “Amnesty” Amnesty, according to the document, not be convicted of serious crimes and hard-core recidivists. MOSCOW, March 16. /TASS/. A group of deputies of the LDPR faction introduced to the state Duma a draft resolution on declaring Amnesty on the occasion of the third anniversary of the reunification of Crimea and Russia, which is celebrated on March 18. Its initiators are Vadim Denikin, Yaroslav Nilov and Mikhail Degtyarev, Alexey Didenko, Elena Strokova, Sergei Ivanov and Alexander Kurdyumov. The initiative is placed in electronic base of documents of the lower house of Parliament. As appears in the explanatory Memorandum, I propose to extend the “Crimean Amnesty” for persons sentenced to deprivation of liberty for minor crimes for up to five years. It is also proposed to grant Amnesty to minors, pregnant women and mothers of young children, women over 55

Expelled from the United States at the trump Mexican illegals going to Canada

Many illegal migrants, who were extradited from the United States after the inauguration of the new President of Donald trump, decided to move to Canada. About it reports Reuters. “With my passport I’m going to go to Canada. For those who have no documents, in the United States more to do nothing. Came Canada”, — quotes Agency the words of one of the deported Mexicans. According to migrants in the United States now vigilantly monitor the safety of the borders, the detained illegal immigrants immediately deported and have to live, strictly observing the law. According to Reuters, the statements have a lot of evidence. Thus, according to Ottawa for three months from the date of abolition of visas the number of Mexicans wishing to come to Canada, has tripled. At the same time, lawyers specializing in migration law, drew attention to the sharply increased number of calls from citizens of

Two suicide bombers blew themselves up in Bangladesh

Two suicide bombers exploded in the city of Chittagong in Southeast Bangladesh, not wanting to surrender to the police. It is reported by Yahoo News. According to Sanwara Hossein, Deputy Commissioner counterterrorism unit, the militants detonated an explosive device on the stairs of the building of the shelter. As a result of suicide bombing fragments of bodies were scattered within a radius of 30 meters. Police reported the deaths of six people, including a child; two of the patrol were wounded. The security personnel surrounded the hideout of the Islamists after a shootout between suspected terrorists and patrol that occurred on Wednesday, March 15. The head of the police Department of the city of Chittagong, Shahidul hack (Shahidul Haque) said that all the jihadists belonged to the new division of the local extremist group “Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen”, who is accused of a series of terrorist attacks, including a cafe in the capital,

The state Department said the continuation of sanctions against Russia over Crimea

Mark Toner The United States will maintain restrictive measures against Russia imposed over the annexation of Crimea into the Russian Federation. As reported on Thursday, March 16, RIA Novosti, this was stated by the acting official representative of us state Department mark Toner. “The United States reiterates its condemnation of the Russian occupation of Crimea and call for its immediate end. Our sanctions related to the Crimea will remain in force as long as Russia does not return control of Ukraine”, — reads the statement of the Toner. The diplomat reiterated the US position that the Peninsula is “part of Ukraine”, the referendum on 16 March 2014 he called the “illegal” and the will of the inhabitants of the Crimea — nonfree. Previously, on 16 March, the official Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that Moscow is not considering the possibility of signing with Washington of the transaction in the Crimea