British couple got married with the penguins

British couple got married with the penguins Who would you like to see guest on your wedding? Adam and Tracy Winterton made a big celebration in Cheshire and was invited to the festival a couple of Peruvian penguins. In addition to the penguins at the wedding was attended by nine bridesmaids, the girl with flowers and boy with book reviews, seven porters and 100 guests. Invited was also a Retriever, Spaniel, Italian spinone. Love this… a couple had PENGUINS down the aisle at their wedding in Cheshire ? — Heart North West (@HeartNorthWest) March 6, 2017 The birds got on the triumph thanks to her friend Tracy, who keeps penguins. She persuaded the couple to walk down the aisle between the guests through training and buckets with fresh fish. All the penguins had three, but the celebration came two, and the third was sitting “on the bench”, in case

The raccoon has invaded someone’s house in Kazakhstan and washed the dishes

The raccoon has invaded someone’s house in Kazakhstan and washed the dishes An ordinary family in Alma-ATA was extremely surprised by the appearance of a stranger in the kitchen. In the sink, to the top filled with dirty dishes, swarmed large dark spherical hairball. However, a closer acquaintance of the owners recognized him as a raccoon — an animal not so typical for our places. Video of Dating, they posted it on YouTube. On minute video you notice that the raccoon is very busy — he enthusiastically wash up the plates and cups under running water. However, carefully enough — some will be broken, reports Tengrinews. As the furry beast turned out to be in the house — is unknown. Commentators speculate, from wild origin of an animal and ending with the flight of the predator from kitchen slavery in another family, said the online edition. However, some netizens suspected

Russian scientists have created a unique aircraft engine

Russian scientists have created a unique aircraft engine Scientists Ufa Russia’s first invented multi-fuel aviation engine which has high power density and efficiency. Hi-Tech talked with the initiator of the project, the founder of open company “the aircraft Engine” Plato Maslov, who told us about the secrets of creating the engine and the prospects of its application. Meet: DDA-120. It is a kind of hybrid gasoline and diesel engines for ultralight aircraft and helicopters. In the photo below: laboratory prototype of the internal combustion engine for ultralight aircraft on which the tests were conducted. Combustion chamber and fuel system of the laboratory sample is fully consistent with the designed engine. Thus, the sample is completely confirmed the efficiency of the design of the engine and its unique fuel system, leaving behind years of hard work. Outside of DDA-120 is virtually no different from their peers. As told by Hi-Tech

The MOE is implementing a system of “smart government regulation”

Photo: RIA Novosti EMERCOM of Russia has become one of the first among the government agencies, whose function is oversight and enforcement, introducing a system of so-called intelligent government regulation. About TASS reported the press service of the emergencies Ministry. “At the meeting of the project Committee of the government approved the passport of a priority project “Improvement of the functions of state supervision of EMERCOM of Russia in the framework of the priority program “Reform of control and Supervisory activities”. The results of this project overall work system of so-called smart state regulation,” – said the representative of the MOE. According to him, the main goal of the project is to reduce the number of victims and victims during emergencies, fires, accidents on water bodies (not less than 10% of the level in 2015 is expected to achieve by the end of 2018, by the end of 2025 –

The us military has completed a joint teaching “Winter camp” in Estonia

The us military has completed a joint teaching “Winter camp” in Estonia TALLINN, March 6 — RIA Novosti, Nikolai Adashkevich. A company of infantry of the first battalion of the 68th armored regiment of the US army participated in the joint winter exercise Talvelaager (“Winter camp”), which took place in Estonia from February 27 to March 5, reported on Monday the press service of the Main staff of the Estonian defence Forces. The exercise was attended by 1,700 soldiers. International troops practiced maneuvers of attack and defense in winter conditions. The Estonian side were involved in the personnel of the first and second infantry brigades of the defence Forces and members of paramilitary voluntary militia”, Kaitseliit” (“Union of defense”) included in the structure of the Ministry of defence of Estonia. According to the commander of the United States Marines captain Edward Bachar, Estonian soldiers are very motivated, tireless and quickly

Yatsenyuk words about Russia laugh leading “bi-Bi-si”

Yatsenyuk words about Russia laugh leading “bi-Bi-si” MOSCOW, March 6 — RIA Novosti. Ex-Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk in the program HARDtalk on “bi-Bi-si” has declared that the conflict in the South-East of the country Kiev does not agree to compromise and intends to “fight”. Presenter Stephen Sackur asked if Yatsenyuk in this case, to look into the eyes of fathers and mothers fighting in the Donbass Ukrainian soldiers. The former Prime Minister went to answer, calling the military “heroes who are defending their land.” According to Yatsenyuk, the Ukrainian army protects and Europe, which should be interested in Ukraine’s accession to NATO. “If we give the Ukrainian army in line with NATO standards, it is in your best interest to see Ukraine join NATO. We protect your borders,” he said. Leading Bi-bi-si, in turn, noted that Yatsenyuk takes wishful thinking. In the top leadership of NATO prospects for

Iranian ships in Hormuz Strait intercepted the ship of the U.S. Navy

The ship of the U.S. Navy in the Strait of Hormuz was captured by ships of the Islamic revolution guards Corps (IRGC) of Iran and was forced to change course. About it reports Reuters, citing a senior source in the Pentagon. According to the military, the Iranian ships approached to a distance of 550 meters from the ship measuring complex “invincible” (Invincible) and stopped. In order to avoid collision of the ship and following in marching order three ships of the British Navy were forced to change course. American sailors tried to get in contact with the Iranian colleagues on radio, but received no response. A Pentagon spokesman called the actions of the Iranians “dangerous and unprofessional.” Incidents involving ships of the U.S. Navy and Iran in the Strait of Hormuz occur regularly. The last of them dates from the beginning of January, then the American destroyer “Mahan” opened precautionary

In India, three people arrested for the sacrifice 10-year-old girl

In the Indian state of Karnataka, three people arrested for having kidnapped and sacrificed 10-year-old girl. About it reports BBC News. According to police, the cause of the incident was the illness of one of the villagers. His brother and sister went to the local sorcerer, who said that their relative is a curse that can only be removed with the help of human sacrifices. For this they are using 17-year-old boy kidnapped the girl, who lived in the same village. Soon the girl’s body was found on the edge of the village. A sorcerer with improvised Packed it in a big bag, put there the number of items used in the ritual. An angry mob laid siege to the kidnappers house and threw stones at him. The massacre was prevented by a timely arrival of the guards, who arrested three of the kidnappers and launched an investigation. According to

The party of Fillon has confirmed its status of a candidate in the presidential elections

Francois Fillon The leadership of the French party the “Republicans” at the end of an emergency meeting has confirmed its position on support of the candidate for the presidential election Francois Fillon. About it reports Reuters. The decision was taken despite unfolding around Fillon scandal about misuse of state funds allocated to pay employees. Party leader Bernard acquaye stressed that the party has been United in support of a campaign visit. Earlier on Monday, March 6, former Prime Minister of France and mayor of Bordeaux Alain Juppe refused to replace Fillon as a candidate. March 5, Fillon said he did not intend to refuse participation in elections. Before that, one of the prominent figures of the “Republicans” Christian Estrosi hinted at a possible replacement candidate. In his opinion, the right-wing campaign is doomed to failure and can no longer continue in this spirit. On the same day it became known

The UN has called on North Korea not to make provocative missile launches

The UN made North Korea an official warning to comply with the Security Council resolution. This step in the organization went after today’s rocket launch, which the DPRK committed in the direction of the sea of Japan. This was stated by Deputy spokesman of the Secretary-General Farhan Haq, RIA Novosti reported.   In his words, the UN deplore the endless violations of Security Council resolutions, which allows itself to the DPRK, including the last launch.   The North Korean leadership, said Huck, must cease to commit such provocations, as well as he should “return to full compliance with its international obligations.”   We will remind, today, North Korea launched four missiles, presumably the new type. Three of them fell within the exclusive economic zone of Japan. Photo: Yao Qilin / Xinhua / globallookpress