The American analyst called on the US to get rid of the “hysterical fantasy” of Russia

The United States should abandon the stereotypes of the Russian Federation, this opinion was expressed by political scientist mark Lawrence Shrad in his article for the journal Foreign Policy.   According to Sreda, at the moment, the level of representation of Russia is very far from the real situation, as in the States of the Russian Federation consider that a “global threat” of a democratic order in the world, “a failed superpower,” and Russian President Vladimir Putin – “supervillain”.   “Western commentators regarding the foreign policy of the Kremlin are divided into two camps, each of which has different starting positions. Both camps hyperbolizing your assessment and conclusions, although in different directions. And none of them helps to understand the real Russian ambitions,” said Shrad.   According to the analyst, these stereotypes prevent US pursue a rational policy towards Russia, which in the future will lead to an even greater

François Fillon ruled out the refusal of participation in elections

Francois Fillon at a rally of supporters in Paris Candidate for the French presidency from the party “the Republicans”, the former Prime Minister françois Fillon declared that does not intend to refuse participation in the elections and this decision no one can affect. He said this Sunday, March 5, the TV channel France 2. “I was elected [candidate] democratic. I have 1.5 thousand signatures of elected representatives. My campaign, despite its failures, continues, so that no one can force me to withdraw the nomination,” said Fillon. The politician said that he sees no reason to withdraw from the elections, and explained that “not autistic” and understands that such a move will lead to “Republicans” in political deadlock since the nomination of other candidates for 50 days before the vote is tantamount to collapse. 5 Mar one of the prominent figures of the “Republicans” Christian Estrosi has hinted at a possible

Ministry of internal Affairs of Latvia has suggested to deprive of the high school graduates incentive to engage in prostitution

The Ministry of internal Affairs of Latvia proposed to increase the minimum age at which prostitutes can legally provide sexual services, from 18 to 25 years. About it reports with reference to sources in Department. According to the head of the working group, state Secretary of the Ministry of interior Dimitry Trofimov, the legislation “gives the signal” high school graduates that they can legally engage in prostitution. “If the age is raised to 25 years, the state will give a signal to young people that can be found and the normal activities in life,” said the official. Prostitution in Latvia is not prohibited, but the provision of such services is accompanied by several limitations. Thus, the services of a sexual nature it is impossible to provide outside of the housing taken on rent under the contract or owned. According to the law, the penalty for violation of this rule

Bloomberg named the richest people in the world

Bill Gates Eight Russians entered the first hundred of the updated ranking of the world billionaires according to Bloomberg. Top 500 richest people in the world published on the Agency’s website. Among the richest Russians have been the largest shareholder petrochemical holding “SIBUR” Leonid Michelson (47-e a place, as $ 17.5 billion, the head of MMC “Norilsk Nickel” Vladimir Potanin (51-a place of 16.6 billion dollars), the head of the Board of Directors “Severstal” Alexey Mordashov (54-e a place, 16.5 billion), the head of group “Renova” Viktor Vekselberg (62-e a place 14.8 billion), the founder of USM Holdings Alisher Usmanov (70, 13, 9 billion). In addition, the top 100 were the head of the Board of Directors of Novolipetsk steel (NLMK) Vladimir Lisin (71-e a place, to 13.9 billion dollars ), the shareholder “the alpha-groups” Michael Friedman (74-th place, 13.4 billion) and owner of “EuroChem” Andrey Melnichenko (100-e place of