In India, three people arrested for the sacrifice 10-year-old girl

In the Indian state of Karnataka, three people arrested for having kidnapped and sacrificed 10-year-old girl. About it reports BBC News.

According to police, the cause of the incident was the illness of one of the villagers. His brother and sister went to the local sorcerer, who said that their relative is a curse that can only be removed with the help of human sacrifices. For this they are using 17-year-old boy kidnapped the girl, who lived in the same village.

Soon the girl’s body was found on the edge of the village. A sorcerer with improvised Packed it in a big bag, put there the number of items used in the ritual. An angry mob laid siege to the kidnappers house and threw stones at him. The massacre was prevented by a timely arrival of the guards, who arrested three of the kidnappers and launched an investigation. According to the chief of local police, soon followed by new arrests.

Karnataka is located in the South of India. Despite the fact that its capital is one of the fastest growing Indian cities Bangalore, the average literacy rate in the state is only 66.6 per cent.