In Kazakhstan, the raccoon snuck into the kitchen and washed the dirty dishes: video

The Network is gaining popularity video, filmed in Kazakhstan Alma-ATA. It is thick raccoon snuck into the kitchen of a private home and tried to wash the dirty dishes. The video, which captured the economic beast was posted on YouTube.   Judging by the roller, the animal was puzzled by a large number of dirty dishes, and seriously set out to wash it. In the process, the raccoon broke a few plates, but this did not shake his determination.   Even seeing people, the beast continued to wash the dishes under running water. To spook him could only direct contact when the hostess tried to pet him. At this point the raccoon jumped off the kitchen table and attempted to escape, however did not succeed in the force impressive physique. Video: the CORPORATION of the RUMORS KZ / YouTube

The Pentagon has explained why the US stationed troops near the Syrian Manuja

In Washington explained why America has placed its troops near the Syrian city of Manbij. According to the official representative of the Pentagon Jeff Davis, all in order to deter attacks against anyone, with the exception of the terrorist group “Islamic state”. About it write RIA Novosti.   According to Davis, the United States has taken all necessary actions to deploy its military forces from the international coalition in the area Manuja “in operation, which will prevent attack of anyone other than ISIS,” he said.   “Islamic state” is an international terrorist group, in the summer of 2014 proclaimed the Caliphate on the captured territories of Syria and Iraq. Its activity on the territory of Russia is prohibited. The militants regularly execute the hostages and alleged spies Syria, Israel and Egypt. Accurate information about the number of militants not exist, their number is estimated at 50 – 200 thousand.  

The cause of death of construction workers in a tunnel in Moscow

The reason for the deaths of two builders in the tunnel on the Kaluga highway in New Moscow was the human factor. This was stated by the head of the Moscow Department of construction Andrey Bochkarev, reports TASS. “The human factor, equipment violation, such things unfortunately happen. The engineers checked the basic standard technological methods, — said Bochkarev. In this case laid concrete on the floor, improperly installed formwork”. According to him, stands with a height of four to five metres was incorrectly mounted and collapsed in the transmission of concrete. The collapse of the tunnel under construction in the Kaluga road occurred on March 2. Under the debris killed two people. For violation of safety rules at conducting civil work criminal case.

Medvedev reduced the term of consideration of applications for matkapital

Dmitry Medvedev Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev announced the reduction of government time for consideration of applications for families of the parent capital up to 10 days. On Monday, March 6, reports TASS. The earlier appeal on this issue was investigated a month. “The program netcapital works well, for 10 years she has used more than five million families,” — said Medvedev. March 1, 2017, the labour Ministry has proposed to extend the maternity capital program till 2023. In December 2016, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the law on the freezing of the size of the parent capital until January 1, 2020. Currently, it amounts to 453 thousand rubles. The program operates in Russia since 2007. Payments are given to families who gave birth or adopted two or more children. The parent capital can be used to improve housing conditions, pension of the mother of the child’s education, equipment

The CEC reacted to ideas for improvement of electoral legislation

Ella Pamfilova Representatives of many political parties consider it necessary to improve the electoral legislation. On Monday, March 6, said the head of the Central election Commission, Ella Pamfilova, RIA Novosti reported. “First and foremost, it is clear that almost all parties, with whom we met were unanimous about the timing of the election, that is when there should be a single day of voting. Almost all of the party commented on the municipal filter, for the simplification of registration, collection of signatures,” — said Pamfilova. Thus, it commented on the results of meetings with leaders of four parliamentary parties and leaders of non-parliamentary political movements. According to Pamfilova, these contacts are very useful in order to form all the existing initiatives. Earlier Monday, the CEC held a working meeting with the head of “Patriots of Russia” Gennady by Semeynym, during which she listened to his proposals on improving the

In Britain one of the most wanted criminals are found behind the wardrobe

In Britain one of the most wanted criminals are found behind the wardrobe MOSCOW, March 6 — RIA Novosti. Police in the British city of Bradford have arrested one of the most wanted criminals to find his wardrobe during the search. This is the official page of the police Department in Facebook. The police had to conduct searches at four locations, and only the last RAID was successful. “The man was discovered on the fourth address, he was hiding behind the wardrobe. He was arrested and taken to the detention center where will be deported from the UK”, — stated in the message. Police said that the arrested — “one of the most wanted men in the UK.” He is suspected of “serious crimes” of sexual violence committed in Slovakia.

Chudnovets was released

Chudnovets was released Yekaterinburg Evgeniya teacher Chudnovets convicted of a repost of a roller-bullying counselors children camp over the child, was released. TASS said her civil husband Andrey Myasnikov. “They called me and said that Eugene was taken from the colony in Nizhny Tagil at the address from which I can take it. Now I’m going there in about 20 minutes I will meet with Evgenia”, — he said. Teacher Eugene Chudnovets convicted of a repost of the video with the abuse of a child, was released — NTV (@ntvru) March 6, 2017 Lawyer, educator Alex Bashmakov said in an interview with RIA Novosti that Chudnovets after freedom would demand compensation for illegal detention. The verdict against Chudnovets was cancelled the morning of March 6 the Presidium of the Kurgan regional court. The case has been decided to terminate for lack of evidence. With the request to cancel the

Died the literary critic Sergey Bocharov

Died the literary critic Sergey Bocharov On the night of 6 March died the literary critic Sergey Bocharov. This was announced by the philologist Irina Surat. Bocharova was 87 years old. Bocharov became famous for his research on Russian literature of the XIX century, first books, “the novel by L. N. Tolstoy’s “War and peace”” (1963) and “art worlds” (1985). The latter is a collection of articles from different years on the works of Pushkin, Gogol, Dostoevsky, Platonov and other classics. Open book with article about the song “don Quixote”. Bocharov was part of the editorial Board of several well-known publications, including the Academic complete collection of Pushkin’s works, the dictionary “Russian writers 1800-1917” and the journal “Questions of literature”.

Putin has congratulated Valentina Tereshkova with the 80th anniversary

Putin has congratulated Valentina Tereshkova with the 80th anniversary The head of state handed him a bronze sculpture of the artist Iuliana Rukavishnikov under the name “Seagull sits on the water picture” and Vitaly Zaytsev’s “Gulls over the river”. 13фотографий13фотографий13фотографий MOSCOW, March 6. /TASS/. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has congratulated the first woman-cosmonaut, Hero of the Soviet Union Valentina Tereshkova with the 80-year anniversary. The head of state handed him a bronze sculpture of the artist Iuliana Rukavishnikov under the name “Seagull sits on the water picture” and Vitaly Zaytsev’s “Gulls over the river”. Thus, Putin hinted at the legendary Callsign Tereshkova — Chayka, with whom she went to space in 1963. “Dear Valentina Vladimirovna, let me sincerely and heartily to congratulate you on your anniversary, — the President said. — We have two gift. It’s your call. And wonderful picture — “Gulls over the river”, just, in

Forecasters promised an anomalous warming in the Central Russia

Forecasters promised an anomalous warming in the Central Russia In Central Russia until mid-March will stay abnormally warm weather. As reported by “RIA Novosti” said the head of the situational center Rosgidromettsentrom Yuri Varakin. The warming period will be established on 7 March and will continue for more weeks. The day temperature will rise to plus 8 — 10 degrees. “Such a backdrop, 6-8 degrees above normal, will last until at least March 15-16 in the majority of regions of Central Russia, including Moscow and Moscow,” — said Varakin. An abnormal rise in temperature will also be observed in the Siberian Federal district and in the South Urals. According varakina, warm temperatures will cause the “abnormal inventory of the snow cover that we see now in a mountainous area in the South Urals, are beginning to melt in the second half of March”. The head of the situational center Roshydromet