The dog had adopted the orphaned lambs

The dog had adopted the orphaned lambs When the farmer was with three abandoned lamb, he didn’t know what to do with them, but came to the aid of a faithful dog. The farmer had to face tough question shortly after one of his sheep died after childbirth, leaving two lambs. And the very next day another ewe threw her newborn baby. Three little lamb tried to find comfort from each other, struggling to navigate the world without a mother, until I found the best possible replacement. When three lambs were orphaned, they turned to a lab named Beau for guidance and love — The Dodo (@dodo) 11 Mar 2017 Bo, eight-year-old Labrador, saw the lambs running around without parents and decided to find out what happened. Lambs took his mother and immediately tried to find his milk. “The lamb tried to find his milk under the belly,

The American decided that the models on the catwalk is boring. And put them in the Dolphinarium

The American decided that the models on the catwalk is boring. And put them in the Dolphinarium American Sydney Pravastatin leads atypical fashion account: it places models wearing expensive things Chanel, Balenciaga and other famous fashion houses, in a situation more appropriate to their outfits. Thanks for all the love today! ? You guys make me feel like I’m swimming with the all the big fish. ? I hope I don’t drown. ? (FACT: Dolphins are mammals, not fish. I couldn’t find a better pic.) ? #balenciaga #siduations Publication of siduations (@siduations) Mar 6 2017 11:35 PST Vogue One: A Style Wars Story I I #balenciaga #siduations Publication of siduations (@siduations) Mar 11 2017 5:31 PST Working It?? ♂ App? ♀ App #mondays #balenciaga #siduations Publication of siduations (@siduations) Mar 13, 2017 at 1:38 am PDT From the runway to the streets ? ♀ app #chanel #siduations Publication of siduations

The mystery of Mona Lisa’s smile revealed

The mystery of Mona Lisa’s smile revealed Thanks to a recent study of the University of Freiburg finally received the answer to the question, whether sad or happy smile of the Mona Lisa. And the answer is clear. Twelve participants were given nine black and white photographs of the Mona Lisa. Eight the photos had been digitally altered — on four smile made me happier, on the other, on the contrary, sadder. After stirring the photographs were shown to the participants 30 times, resulting in 97% of cases, the smile on the original image was recognized happy, tells The Independent. We are truly amazed. Given the work on the history of art, we believed that the interpretation of the original will be most neodnoznachnogo Commiserator research In the second experiment, eight “sad” versions of the portrait have been subjected to more subtle changes, and then given to the volunteers. The

Whoever kisses Putin’s former Commissioner of “Our” got green card USA

Photo: Instagram The ex-Commissioner of movement “Ours” Maria Drokova became a us green card. This girl reported in his account in Instagram. “I’m so happy and grateful to receive a green card and become closer to citizenship in my native country, the United States,” wrote Drokova. The most beautiful green I’ve ever seen ? I’m so excited and grateful to receive a green card and get closer to the citizenship in my home country ?? Thank you Katya Yoffe – the most amazing and professional lawyer I know. Publication of Masha Drokova (@mashadrokova) Mar 12 2017 8:03 PDT Drokova joined the movement “Nashi” in 2005, from June 2006 to December 2007, the girl participated in the “youth ideological group” Vladislav Surkov, and in March 2007 he headed the Moscow headquarters of the movement. She received wide popularity thanks to the kiss with the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. Drokova left

The Russian foreign Ministry called the barbaric action of the terrorist attacks in Damascus

Photo: RIA Novosti The Russian foreign Ministry called the barbaric action of the double terrorist attack in Damascus, which killed at least 40 Iraqi citizens making the pilgrimage. “In Moscow resolutely condemn another barbaric act of terrorists. Condolences to the families of the victims and wish speedy recovery to the injured”, — stated in the message of the Russian authorities. The Russian foreign Ministry stressed that the terrorist act should not “thwart the efforts of the international community in Astana and Geneva for the sustainable cease-fire in Syria.” Earlier it was reported that the terrorist group “Tahrir al-sham”, part “Dzhabhat EN-Nusra”* took responsibility for the double bombing in Damascus. * “Jabhat Fatah al-sham” (“Frente al-Nusra”, “Dzhabhat EN Nusra”) is a terrorist group banned in Russia.

Russia was accused of desecrating the graves of poles in Ukraine

Anton Gerashchenko Photo: RIA Novosti Verkhovna Rada Deputy Anton Gerashchenko in his Facebook said that in the Ukrainian Lviv, the poles of graves were desecrated on the orders of Moscow. According to him, in the night of Saturday, March 11 Sunday, March 12, grave poles in one of the cemeteries in Lviv region was doused with red paint. On the memorial the cross was written “death to the poles”. Also March 11 was desecrated and the tomb of the Polish professors who were shot in June 1941. “That was hired for little money the citizens of Ukraine, according to the plan developed in Moscow. The purpose of the plan is simple – to introduce discord in the Ukrainian-Polish relations are currently not in the best condition, according to the principle – the worse the Ukrainians and the poles, the more they will hate each other, the better for Putin’s Russia”,

The Moscow city court: “Levada center” lawfully included in the register of NGOs-registered as foreign agents

© Sergei Savostyanov/TASS MOSCOW, March 14. /TASS/. The Moscow city court upheld the inclusion of the Autonomous nonprofit organization “Analytical center of Yury Levada” in the register of noncommercial organizations performing the functions of foreign agents. Thus, this decision has entered into force. “The decision of the Zamoskvoretsky court upheld, and the appeal – without satisfaction”, – announced the decision of the judge. Positions of the parties in court In court representatives of the organization asked to cancel the decision of Zamoskvoretsky court recognized the legitimate order of the Ministry of justice about its inclusion in the registered as foreign agents. According to the applicants, “Levada-Center” is not engaged in political activities. “Statement of the organization’s Director Lev Gudkov and another employee are not political activities in any form. In addition, it is not permissible to equate the activities of center staff to the activities of the center,” – said

Of the Russian Federation proposed to create a Commission for the development of the Constitution of Syria

© EPA/STR ASTANA, March 14. /Offset. TASS Julia nitchenko/. The Russian delegation at inter-Syrian talks in Astana has offered the project of creation of the constitutional Commission that will draft a new Constitution of Syria. This was announced by the head of the Russian delegation, special representative of the President on the Syrian settlement, Alexander Lavrentiev at a press conference in Astana.

The Kremlin has called the CNN film about Putin another offensive material

The Kremlin has called the CNN film about Putin another offensive material Vladimir Putin himself has not yet managed to see the picture. A CNN film about Russian President Vladimir Putin was not surprised by the Kremlin. According to the press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov, the picture is sustained in the hysterical, emotional way and is based on opinions, which are often fiction. “Everything was as expected: this is another material that is in line with the hysterical, emotional background, which is based on opinions, not having anything substantial opinions, which are often an absolute fabrication. Enough offensive material, but from the fact that already, nothing new there,” said Dmitry Peskov, answering journalists ‘ questions. He noted that the President himself has not yet seen the film, since the film took place tonight. Drafted opinion based pomace from the media, which read in the Kremlin. The representative

The Supreme court of the EU has allowed employers to ban the hijab in the workplace

The Supreme court of the EU has allowed employers to ban the hijab in the workplace The European court of justice in Luxembourg upheld the ban employers on the wearing of headscarves by employees in the workplace. About it writes BBC. This decision was made after a lawsuit by two women in France and Belgium, who were dismissed for their refusal to wear the hijab at work. A Muslim from Belgium worked in the security company G4S Secure Solutions, which prohibits the wearing of all religious or political symbols. Muslim woman from France worked in one IT company and lost his job after complaining to her client. In the summer of 2016 in France was banned from special beach suit for Muslim women — burqini. The ban on carry was passed shortly after the terrorist attack in nice.