“Here I first kissed Boria”. The story of one photo

“Here I first kissed Boria”. The story of one photo Birthday Naina Yeltsin, wife of the first President of Russia, the special correspondent of “AIF”, photographer Vladimir Svartsevich recalls the story of his most exciting and emotional scenes with her. Being the presidents of Russia and the USA Boris Yeltsin and bill Clinton agreed to be friends families. The first step was done by their wives in the fall of 1997. Naina Yeltsin and Hillary Clinton arranged to meet the women’s summit: the event, which was attended by all business women of the Urals. In Yekaterinburg are well able to accept the highest offer: only for the movement the first lady of Russia and the USA the city were involved 1,200 police officers. Mrs Clinton arrived from Washington on a private jet with the big team. Naina Yeltsin, several of her aides and journalists in Ekaterinburg from Moscow brought airliner

The number PI: 3.14 way to remember the maximum number of decimal places

The number PI: 3.14 way to remember the maximum number of decimal places Mnemonic techniques that help to cope with the infinite constant. From a mathematical point of view the number PI is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, with a philosophical and numerical equivalent of infinity, with the calendar — “the namesake” March 14 (3,14), and practical — is a good material to hone mnemonic techniques. In honor of the International day of PI, we decided to recall some of them. To convert the number to history It is proposed to replace the numbers with words containing the same number of letters. According to this principle, built the English phrase “May I have a large container of coffee beans” (“can I have a big bag of coffee beans?”), to help you remember the eight digits after the decimal point (3,14159265). There are Russian language versions. For

Sands: In the choice Samoilova there is nothing provocative

Photo: RIA Novosti Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov said that in choosing the First channel as the representative of Russia at competition “the Eurovision-2017” Yulia Samoilova there is nothing provocative, RIA Novosti reported. “I never would use such words as “provocation” is a Russian TV channel that sends back the participant, so there is nothing provocative, we do not see”, — said Peskov. He also noted that the entry of the singer in Ukraine shall be regulated by rules of the Eurovision and the host country should comply with them. “In Crimea there were all, practically, probably not the people who have never been in the Crimea. This is the first. Second – it’s still international competition and the country-the organizer of the contest should follow the rules by which this contest is held”, — said the representative of the Kremlin. Earlier the First channel has completed

Volodin has reminded Tkachev, who is Russia’s source of power

Chairman Of The State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin © Mikhail Metzel/TASS MOSCOW, March 14. /TASS/. Chairman of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin has reminded the Minister of agriculture of the Russian Federation Alexander Tkachev, that the source of power in Russia is the people. On Tuesday at an enlarged visiting session of the faction “United Russia”, devoted to the development of agriculture, the Minister said that he heard from deputies “interesting and useful for themselves.” “You, of course, in the first place, maybe hot, maybe emotionally trying to convey (existing problems) to power, to state agencies… this is absolutely correct…” – he said to the parliamentarians. “Alexander, they have the power – interrupted Volodin. – You messed up a little.” In response Tkachev explained that he was referring to the government of the Russian Federation. “The source of authority is the people and the deputies are representatives”, – said the speaker

CNN showed a film about Vladimir Putin “the Most powerful man in the world”

CNN showed a film about Vladimir Putin “the Most powerful man in the world” CNN showed a documentary by American journalist Fareed Zakaria about President of Russia Vladimir Putin. Where is the world headed with Vladimir Putin in charge of Russia? @FareedZakaria explores #PowerofPutin, now on CNN https://t.co/7Y9nHoyIM8 pic.twitter.com/a1JWa7bo0f — CNN (@CNN) March 14, 2017 The authors of the film “the Most powerful man in the world” has named Vladimir Putin the most popular and supported world leader. They noted that the power of the President of Russia stands on three pillars — “cybermuse”, “military power” and “cult of personality” The key moment of the film was estimated Russia’s intervention in the U.S. presidential election. “He’s not stupid enough to openly confront the us and Europe. However, he knows how to use the power indirectly using cyber attacks and disinformation”, — said Mr. Zakaria. According to the authors of the

Bulgaria is considering ways to reduce the cost of visas for Russians

Bulgaria is considering ways to reduce the cost of visas for Russians As reported by the Association of tour operators of Russia (ATOR), told the Ambassador to Moscow Boyko Kotsev. In addition, visas for children under the age of 16 can become completely free. Kotzev also added that today we are examining a number of measures that will reduce the price of tickets. According to the Minister of tourism of Bulgaria Stela Bastovoi, Russia today occupies the fourth place in terms of tourist arrivals to the country. So, in 2016, Bulgaria rested 584 thousand Russian travelers (19 percent more than in 2015). “Russia is a strategic generating market for tourism of Bulgaria, the whole of the large hotel complexes are only receiving tourists from Russia,” said Baltova. Executive Director ATOR Maya Lomidze added that this year the demand for recreation is growing in Bulgaria. At the early stage of booking

Spring has headed a rating of the usefulness of deputies of the state Duma

Spring has headed a rating of the usefulness of deputies of the state Duma MOSCOW, March 14. /TASS/. Vice-speaker of the state Duma Irina Yarovaya (“United Russia”) topped the rating of activity of deputies of the lower house, the three entered the United Russia Sergey Neverov and Paul Krasheninnikov. This is evidenced by the first integral rating called “the Coefficient of utility of deputies of the state Duma” which was made by scientists Alexey Martynov and Dmitry Gusev and presentation takes place on Tuesday, TASS reported. The utilization factor is the sum of four indexes: the popular vote, the media (mentioning in the media), the activity of MP in the state Duma (participation in the drafting of bills, speeches at meetings) and expert work index in the region (experts estimate the work of the MP with the inhabitants, authorities and local elites). In the preparation of a regional index involved

Polish MEP punished for the words about women’s stupidity

Janusz Korwin-Mikke Member of the European Parliament (EP) from Poland Janusz Korwin-Mikke has been punished by his colleagues for a number of statements that denigrate women. It is reported by the PAP. According to the decision of the European Parliament, Korwin-mikke was fined the amount of the monthly allowance and 10 days suspended from performing parliamentary duties, but he retains the right to vote. The MP also throughout the year it is forbidden to submit to the European Parliament in various international forums. On March 1, during a debate in the EP about the difference in wages between men and women, Korwin-mikke said that women should earn less “because they are weaker, smaller and less smart.” 12 September last year, Korwin-mikke has taken the initiative to prohibit the followers of Stepan Bandera, the entry into the EU. Then he recalled that the EU has taken the decision to restrict entry

Against the Fillon launched a formal investigation

Atonin Levi In respect of the candidate in presidents of France from the party “the Republicans” françois Fillon opened an official investigation into the fraudulent employment of his wife. It is reported BFMTV. About the court decision said one of the lawyers Fillon of Atonin levy. According to him, the decision was made in “calm conditions”. BFMTV recalls that the verdict about the beginning of the proceeding was to be rendered on 15 March, but the decision was held a day earlier. It clarifies in his Twitter newspaper Le Canard enchaîné, Fillon is suspected of embezzling and misappropriating public funds. — @canardenchaine (@canardenchaine) 14 March 2017, 14:09 On 25 January, the same newspaper published an article alleging that for several years the wife of the fictitious Penelope Fillon was listed as an assistant to her husband, at a time when he was a member of the National Assembly (lower house

Zakharchenko has deprived the Army of the DPR citizenship

The head of the Donetsk national Republic Alexander Zakharchenko has denied citizenship DNR artist Nikita Dzhigurda. This TV channel “Zvezda” told in the press service of the President.   The reasons for the deprivation of citizenship is not yet known, other details of the incident were not disclosed.   Earlier it was reported that the notorious showman Nikita Dzhigurda, which a few days ago, received the citizenship of the DNI, stated that going to participate in the song contest “Eurovision-2017” from the Republic.   March 9, showman and actor Nikita Dzhigurda have received the passport of the citizen of the Donetsk people’s Republic. He was going to pay a visit to the territory of Donetsk airport to chat with the militia. The showman had planned to stay in the Republic for a few days. Photo: Komsomolskaya Pravda / Globallookpress

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