Russia was accused of desecrating the graves of poles in Ukraine

Anton Gerashchenko


RIA Novosti

Verkhovna Rada Deputy Anton Gerashchenko in his Facebook said that in the Ukrainian Lviv, the poles of graves were desecrated on the orders of Moscow.

According to him, in the night of Saturday, March 11 Sunday, March 12, grave poles in one of the cemeteries in Lviv region was doused with red paint. On the memorial the cross was written “death to the poles”. Also March 11 was desecrated and the tomb of the Polish professors who were shot in June 1941.

“That was hired for little money the citizens of Ukraine, according to the plan developed in Moscow. The purpose of the plan is simple – to introduce discord in the Ukrainian-Polish relations are currently not in the best condition, according to the principle – the worse the Ukrainians and the poles, the more they will hate each other, the better for Putin’s Russia”, – wrote Gerashchenko.

He noted that Ukraine will conduct a thorough investigation of each provocation and attract perpetrators to justice with the maximum possible punishment.