As the Russian Empire sold Alaska 150 years ago

As the Russian Empire sold Alaska 150 years ago Why Alexander II lost to “Russian America” and that gave our country this deal. Exactly 150 years ago in Washington an agreement was signed about the sale of Russian Alaska to the United States of America. Solemn ceremony of transfer of land took place almost six months later — October 18, 1867. After a couple of decades in the Yukon will discover huge reserves of gold, and in the twentieth century, they find oil, and the amount of comparable resources in Western Siberia and the Arabian Peninsula. All this will give rise to numerous discussions about whether it was necessary to sell “Russian America”. But then, in the mid-nineteenth century, the Russian Empire had to make some effort to convince the United States of the need to purchase and prevent a possible war with Britain. The issue price The total area

The head of the Amazon became the second richest man in the world

The head of the Amazon became the second richest man in the world Co-founder and head of the largest online retailer Amazon, Jeff Bezos, became the second richest man on the planet. His fortune rose for the day at $1.49 billion to $75,6 billion, writes the RNS, citing data from Bloomberg Billionaires Index. As a result, the Bezos ousted investor Warren buffet, whose fortune declined by $809 million to $74,9 billion In General business at the head of the Amazon are from the beginning of the year is much better than Buffett: the status of Jeff Bezos during this period increased by $10.2 billion, while the former “second number” — only $1.75 billion. First place in the top five of the richest people in the world is still bill gates. His fortune is $86 billion, followed by Jeff Bezos ($75,6 billion), Warren Buffett ($74,9 billion), Spanish businessman, the founder of

In London secretly buried George Michael

In London secretly buried George Michael Moscow. March 30. INTERFAX.RU — British singer George Michael, who died three months ago, on Wednesday was buried in London, reports “Bi-Bi-si” referring to the family of the deceased. “We can confirm that the funeral of singer George Michael was held today. In a small private ceremony gathered his family and friends, to bid farewell to their beloved son, brother and friend,” the statement reads. “The family of George Michael would like to thank his fans worldwide for the many letters of love and support. We ask to respect to private life of his family who would like to avoid any engagement media.” George Michael died on 25 December 2016 in Oxfordshire on 54 year of life. The artist was born in 1963 in London. He began his musical career in the 1980s group Wham!, later performing solo. Among the most famous songs of

Russia wants to develop the Arctic and to cooperate with neighbors in the region on an equal basis

© Alexei Druzhinin/press-service of the Russian President/TASS ARKHANGELSK, March 30. /TASS/. Russia intends to actively develop the Arctic and to cooperate in this matter with other States. Stated, speaking at the plenary session of the forum “Arctic – territory of dialogue”, Russian President Vladimir Putin. Together with the Russian head of state in the plenary session was attended by his colleagues from Finland and Iceland. The President of Finland Sauli Niinisto proposed to convene to discuss issues of the region, the Arctic summit. Vladimir Putin has declared readiness to take part in it. At the forum on Thursday also discussed the environmental, health and business development. The development of reasonably Russia will not abandon the development of the Arctic. “Our plans for the development of this region of the world are completely justified,” – said President Putin, adding that “it is unlikely that it can change our priorities in this

Putin signed a decree on the spring conscription

Putin signed a decree on the spring conscription President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on the spring conscription of citizens for military service. In accordance with the document, from 1 April to 15 July 2017 in the Russian Armed forces will be sent to 142 thousand people. Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on conscription for military service 142 thousand. The document published on the official portal of legal information. The call for military service shall be citizens of Russia from 18 to 27 years, “not being in stock and eligible in accordance with the Federal law “On military duty and military service” military service”, the document says. The decree comes into force from March 30. Call entrusted to the government, the Executive authorities in the regions and enlistment commissions. In October — December 2016 in accordance with the decree of the President in the army were called to

The income of the former officials will check

The income of the former officials will check The Prosecutor General’s office proposed to confiscate illegally acquired property. Income current and former officials of the Prosecutor General’s office proposes to test for legitimacy. About this “Izvestia” said the Deputy head of the General Prosecutor’s office for supervision over execution of legislation on combating corruption, Valery Volkov. Today the law allows you to control expenses of officials only on condition of its location on the service… And then the Prosecutor has the right to address in court with the claim about collecting of property acquired on unconfirmed incomes.Valery Volkov Many officials, taking advantage of this gap in the legislation, quit and start living “large”, confident in their impunity. According to the proposed to the presidential administration the amendment, the state can come to the former official and request a report on the origin of property. If the civil servant cannot prove

Ivanka trump will be father’s assistant, but will not receive a salary

Ivanka trump will be father’s assistant, but will not receive a salary WASHINGTON, March 30 — RIA Novosti, Alexei Bogdanovsky. The daughter of the President of the United States Donald trump Ivanka announced on Wednesday that it will become an official member of the team her father, but will not receive a salary. In a statement, Ivanka trump, which results in AP, says that she “heard the concerns of some people” regarding the fact that she was de facto adviser to the father, but did not occupy official positions. The white house, in turn, issued a statement in which it welcomed the decision by Ivanka trump. Earlier it was reported that Ivanka trump got the office in the administrative building of the White house and secret clearance. Initially, Ivanka trump said that he would not take official positions in the administration of his father. Ivanka’s husband Jared is already an

Former South Korean President arrested in corruption case

Park Geun-Hye The South Korean authorities arrested a former President of the country Park Geun-Hye in the case of corruption, said the Agency “Yonhap”. The Seoul court has decided to take her into custody on charges of bribery, abuse of power and divulging state secrets. According to Reuters, in the detention center, Park Geun-Hye will be up to 20 days. Park Geun-Hye was ousted on March 10. The reason for the scandal was a fortune teller and a close friend of President Choi sung-SIL. She is accused of pressure on dozens of major firms with the purpose of transfer of their money in two non-profit Foundation. In case of figures, the sum of 77.4 billion won ($65.6 million). Park Geun-Hye became the third former President, who was arrested on criminal charges after Roh Tae-Woo and Chun Doo-hwan.

The German military will create a cyber command

In Germany at the beginning of April, it will be Cyber and information command. About it reports Reuters. The new structure will be located in Bonn. Its original strength is 260, but by July it is planned to increase to 13.5 thousand people, including in the strategic military intelligence and communications centers. By 2021, the number of staff will reach 14.5 thousand people, 1.5 thousand seats reserved for civilian contractors. The Minister of defence of Germany Ursula von der Leyen has called the head of the new cyber command will be Lieutenant-General Ludwig Leinhos. According to the Agency, the structure is created pursuant to the decisions of NATO and the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who called the protection of Germany against cyber attacks one of the main priorities. As the main enemy is considered Russia, which is believed in Berlin, trying using propaganda and disinformation to destabilize German society. On

The United States called the removal of Assad from power a priority goal

Bashar Al-Assad The departure of Bashar al-Assad as President of Syria is not a priority for the United States. This statement was made by the U.S. permanent representative to the UN, Nikki Haley on Thursday, March 30, according to Reuters. “Our challenge is to understand how to proceed and with whom we must work to change the situation for the citizens of the Arab Republic,” said Haley. She added that Washington “does not intend to focus on Assad’s departure, as did the previous US administration”. Previously, on 30 March, U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson said that the fate of Bashar al-Assad must be decided by the citizens of the country. On 10 February, the Syrian President said he was ready to leave his post as soon as he loses the support of the Syrian people. The leader of the Arab Republic noted that this is his principled position. Former