Ivanka trump will start an unpaid job at the White house

Ivanka Trump The eldest daughter of US President Donald trump Ivanka will officially become a civil servant. She, like her husband, Jared Kushner, will work as an Advisor, without receiving a salary, writes The New York Times. She was given an office in the West wing of the White house. The post Ivanka trump will be called “assistant President.” Kushner is currently the senior Advisor of the President. It is reported that the status of Ivanka trump and the principles of operation in its new capacity was studied with the participation of the White house counsel and personal attorney. She stated that it intends to comply with all rules of ethics to be followed by Federal officers, including to disclose their financial information.

In the bombing of a truck in Baghdad killed 17 people

In the Baghdad attack killed at least 17 people, Reuters reports. The incident occurred in the South of the Iraqi capital on Wednesday evening, March 29. According to the police, a suicide bomber in a truck detonated an explosive device. According to the latest data, has killed 17 people, and about 60 were injured. Responsibility for act of terrorism while nobody took. March 20 in Baghdad car bomb exploded, killing 23 people, injured at least 45. The attack occurred on a busy shopping street in one of the southern districts of the Iraqi capital, populated mostly by Shiites.

In the Duma assessed the implications of the visit of Le Pen to Russia for its election campaign

Marine Le Pen Visit of the leader of the party “national front” candidate for the French presidency, marine Le Pen in Moscow will not affect its election campaign. This opinion was expressed by the head of the Duma Committee on international Affairs Leonid Slutsky on Wednesday, March 29, reports TASS. “It has its own stable electorate, which is growing steadily. I think that this electorate will not decrease from the visit to Russia”, — said the MP, noting that marine Le Pen — “a powerful, charismatic politician.” For those who support the leader of “National front”, the visit to Russia plus, not a minus, said Slutsky. According to him, Le Pen has every chance to win in the first round of the presidential elections, the second situation can be tricky. Marine Le Pen came to Moscow at the invitation of the Duma Committee on international Affairs. During the meeting with

Rogozin said relations with China a priority for Russia

Dmitry Rogozin Strengthening trade ties with China remains Russia’s immutable priority, said Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin. His words leads TASS on Wednesday, March 29. “We are committed to the development of a comprehensive strategic partnership, which would meet the fundamental interests of the peoples of both countries”, — said Rogozin at the meeting of the Chairpersons of the Russian-Chinese Commission for preparing regular meetings of heads of state. He also stressed that Moscow satisfied with development of cooperation with China. Following talks of President of Russia Vladimir Putin and President XI Jinping will be held may 14-15 on the sidelines of the international forum of “One belt and one road” in Beijing, said Deputy Prime Minister. He recalled that last year there were five meetings of leaders. On 20 November last year, Putin said at a meeting with XI Jinping said in may 2017 intends to visit China.

The seller flower salon shears fought off a robber with “a rose”

In Novosibirsk armed with a broken bottle, a man tried to Rob the shop of the florist shop. This was reported on the website of the regional Department of internal Affairs. On the morning of March 28 in the pavilion a young man came with “roses” and demanded to give him money. The woman decided to give the offender back and began to protect themselves by using shears. In the end, the attacker was forced to leave. The victim reported the incident to the police. Employees of criminal investigation established the identity of the suspect. They found 30-year-old drug addicts, a local resident, previously convicted under article about illegal acquisition, possession, manufacturing of narcotic and psychotropic substances (article 228 of the criminal code). The man was detained. At the scene found a broken bottle with her fingerprint impressions. Also found a video that recorded the actions of the criminal. Criminal

In the South-West of the state of Texas twelve people were killed in the accident

In the South-West of the state of Texas twelve people were killed in the accident MOSCOW, March 30 — RIA Novosti. A major accident occurred in the southwest U.S. state of Texas, 12 people were killed and three were injured, reports the associated Press. Accident involving lorry belonging to the Baptist Church, and a pickup truck occurred on Wednesday. According to police, the truck was 14 parishioners elderly. The pickup truck had only one driver. It is reported that the victims were hospitalized. What was the cause of the accident is not specified.