The income of the former officials will check

The income of the former officials will check

The Prosecutor General’s office proposed to confiscate illegally acquired property.

Income current and former officials of the Prosecutor General’s office proposes to test for legitimacy.

About this “Izvestia” said the Deputy head of the General Prosecutor’s office for supervision over execution of legislation on combating corruption, Valery Volkov.

Today the law allows you to control expenses of officials only on condition of its location on the service… And then the Prosecutor has the right to address in court with the claim about collecting of property acquired on unconfirmed incomes.Valery Volkov

Many officials, taking advantage of this gap in the legislation, quit and start living “large”, confident in their impunity.

According to the proposed to the presidential administration the amendment, the state can come to the former official and request a report on the origin of property.

If the civil servant cannot prove the legality of funds received, at the suit of the Prosecutor in court, they will be confiscated in favor of the state. It is proposed to extend this rule not only officials themselves but also to their spouses. Will check and movable and immovable property.

Experts recognize the timeliness of these amendments, but I notice that many officials are pulling money abroad, which would complicate the test of the Prosecutor General.