The mystery of Mona Lisa’s smile revealed

The mystery of Mona Lisa’s smile revealed

Thanks to a recent study of the University of Freiburg finally received the answer to the question, whether sad or happy smile of the Mona Lisa. And the answer is clear.

Twelve participants were given nine black and white photographs of the Mona Lisa. Eight the photos had been digitally altered — on four smile made me happier, on the other, on the contrary, sadder. After stirring the photographs were shown to the participants 30 times, resulting in 97% of cases, the smile on the original image was recognized happy, tells The Independent.

We are truly amazed. Given the work on the history of art, we believed that the interpretation of the original will be most neodnoznachnogo Commiserator research

In the second experiment, eight “sad” versions of the portrait have been subjected to more subtle changes, and then given to the volunteers. The original image was called happy again, and processed photos were recognized more sad.

“People have no absolutely fixed measurement scale of happiness — adds Cormier. — Our brain very quickly scans the field, we see the whole picture, and then make the assessment”.

Scientists also add that, perhaps, other aspects can be some ambiguity, but not in the perception of happy and sad smiles.