The UN has called on North Korea not to make provocative missile launches

The UN made North Korea an official warning to comply with the Security Council resolution. This step in the organization went after today’s rocket launch, which the DPRK committed in the direction of the sea of Japan. This was stated by Deputy spokesman of the Secretary-General Farhan Haq, RIA Novosti reported.


In his words, the UN deplore the endless violations of Security Council resolutions, which allows itself to the DPRK, including the last launch.


The North Korean leadership, said Huck, must cease to commit such provocations, as well as he should “return to full compliance with its international obligations.”


We will remind, today, North Korea launched four missiles, presumably the new type. Three of them fell within the exclusive economic zone of Japan.

Photo: Yao Qilin / Xinhua / globallookpress