The MOE is implementing a system of “smart government regulation”


RIA Novosti

EMERCOM of Russia has become one of the first among the government agencies, whose function is oversight and enforcement, introducing a system of so-called intelligent government regulation. About TASS reported the press service of the emergencies Ministry.

“At the meeting of the project Committee of the government approved the passport of a priority project “Improvement of the functions of state supervision of EMERCOM of Russia in the framework of the priority program “Reform of control and Supervisory activities”. The results of this project overall work system of so-called smart state regulation,” – said the representative of the MOE.

According to him, the main goal of the project is to reduce the number of victims and victims during emergencies, fires, accidents on water bodies (not less than 10% of the level in 2015 is expected to achieve by the end of 2018, by the end of 2025 – not less than 30%).

“The project will also reduce the level of material damage in case of emergencies, fires, in accidents on water objects”, – said in the MOE. These results, confident in the Department, will help to achieve “the introduction of a risk-based approach” in the framework of the reform of all types of control and Supervisory activities of EMERCOM of Russia: fire control supervision in the field of protection of population and territories from emergency situations in the field of civil defense, supervision and control of small vessels and structures for their parks. In addition, this model includes two types of licensing control, including installation, maintenance and repair of means of maintenance of fire safety and in carrying out activities to extinguish fires.

“The introduction of the new approach will eliminate the implementation of continuous audits of regulated entities, will create a system of effective use of resources”, – explained in the MOE. Will also introduced the risk assessment methodology in order to reduce the total administrative burden on businesses while improving the level of effectiveness of Supervisory activities, including unscheduled inspections.

In the MOE stressed that the Ministry on 7 April in Tula will hold a public discussion on the law enforcement practice of state supervision of EMERCOM of Russia with the application of the new model.