British couple got married with the penguins

British couple got married with the penguins

Who would you like to see guest on your wedding? Adam and Tracy Winterton made a big celebration in Cheshire and was invited to the festival a couple of Peruvian penguins.

In addition to the penguins at the wedding was attended by nine bridesmaids, the girl with flowers and boy with book reviews, seven porters and 100 guests. Invited was also a Retriever, Spaniel, Italian spinone.

Love this… a couple had PENGUINS down the aisle at their wedding in Cheshire ?

— Heart North West (@HeartNorthWest) March 6, 2017

The birds got on the triumph thanks to her friend Tracy, who keeps penguins. She persuaded the couple to walk down the aisle between the guests through training and buckets with fresh fish. All the penguins had three, but the celebration came two, and the third was sitting “on the bench”, in case some of his relatives will be worried.

Tracy told the tabloid The Daily Mail that the birds were born in a zoo and raised in captivity. They were threatened with euthanasia because the school went bankrupt and closed urgently. However, a friend of Tracy — Emma — took the bird into her care.

The organizers of the wedding with the penguins claim that the birds feel comfortable and were willing to contact, because long been accustomed to the presence of people. On the way to the altar a couple of penguins looked lovely.

However, animal welfare advocates condemned the “reckless representation”, noting that the penguin was placed in a “frightening and completely inappropriate conditions, such as a wedding celebration”. Critics of this wedding also care about the newlyweds ignoring the fact that penguins can carry numerous diseases and bacterial infections. The owner of the penguins, declined to comment.