Media reported the capture of the Syrian army under the control of the height to the East of Palmyra

The Syrian army took control of the strategic heights of Jabal al-Muktadir located to the North-East of Palmyra. On Wednesday, March 15, informs the Lebanese TV channel “al-Manar”. It is quoted by RIA Novosti. The remains of the gangs of the terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia) was knocked from its position and nearby areas. It is noted that nearby gas field Mustadio, which will be the next target of government forces. Palmyra was under the control of is militants since may 2015. The city was liberated from the militants in the spring of 2016, but in December, the extremists managed to bring it under its control. March 2, 2017, the Syrian army has repelled again Palmyra. Currently, government forces are still attacking rebel positions to the East of the city.

Autojam from the South of Russia attacked the Muscovite in Moscow

On YouTube published a video in which a newcomer from the South of Russia after a minor accident in Moscow attacks on the other party to the accident and smashes his car. The incident occurred on Staraya Basmannaya street, building 36.   As reported in the description below the video, “spirited” driver who attacked the Muscovites in the capital have repeatedly been the “hero” of such situations. Later, the victim was told that a stranger cut in front of him in his car, which led to the accident, then he got out of the car and started beating on someone else’s car with their feet, breaking the windshield wipers and try to force the driver to get out. Instead, a Muscovite called the police.   According to the resource that published the video, the damage from actions of the participant of the accident amounted to 111 thousand. Video: Motion /

UN for the first time since Nov 2016 delivered humanitarian aid to Syria

The international Committee of the red cross and Syrian Arab Red Crescent for the first time since November last year, handed out humanitarian aid to Syria, in particular, in four cities of Zabadani, Madai, Kefraya and El Foix, reports TASS with reference to the official representative of the UN Secretary General Stefan Dujarric.   “The UN, the international Committee of the red cross and Syrian Arab Red Crescent has delivered humanitarian aid, including food and medicines for 60 thousand residents of the besieged cities,” he said.   According to him, previously, they couldn’t do both because of the dangerous situation of the motorcade simply couldn’t reach the remote regions of ATS.   This time kommissia also “ran into difficulties”. In particular, the column was detained and searched by security forces. Was taken medicines, which UN officials have said they will seek permission to delivery of medications in the region where

The blockade has destroyed Ukraine in the Donbass – Poroshenko

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said that the blockade of the Donbas radicals has led to serious consequences for the country.   “It has destroyed Ukraine in the Donbass, is a very dangerous strategy and threat actions,” – said the leader of Ukraine in an interview with local television, adding that Kiev would act in connection with the situation decisively and effectively.   Poroshenko also argues that the scenario of the blockade was not established in Ukraine, and was conducted in order to justify Russia’s decision on recognition of passports DND and LNR and to nationalize Ukrainian enterprises by the self-proclaimed republics.   The Ukrainian President also commented on recent reports about the supply of products from Donbass to Russia. Poroshenko has promised to require the imposition of sanctions if this information proves true.   “If products are stolen from businesses will start shipping in Russia, we will demand the imposition