Expelled from the United States at the trump Mexican illegals going to Canada

Many illegal migrants, who were extradited from the United States after the inauguration of the new President of Donald trump, decided to move to Canada. About it reports Reuters.

“With my passport I’m going to go to Canada. For those who have no documents, in the United States more to do nothing. Came Canada”, — quotes Agency the words of one of the deported Mexicans. According to migrants in the United States now vigilantly monitor the safety of the borders, the detained illegal immigrants immediately deported and have to live, strictly observing the law.

According to Reuters, the statements have a lot of evidence. Thus, according to Ottawa for three months from the date of abolition of visas the number of Mexicans wishing to come to Canada, has tripled. At the same time, lawyers specializing in migration law, drew attention to the sharply increased number of calls from citizens of Mexico. Doubled the number of tickets sold.

Lawyer Marcela Gonzalez told the Agency that she had previously obtained from Mexicans about four calls a month, but now — after the inauguration of the trump signed decrees — she has to answer four calls in 10 minutes. She asked how to arrange children in local schools, as well as how to execute the documents for permanent residence.

January 25, trump signed a decree on border protection, according to which on the border between USA and Mexico built a wall. “We will end the dangerous policy of the previous administration — “grab and go,” this policy led to the deaths of many Americans. For us will again become a priority for criminal prosecution and deportation of illegal immigrants who broke our laws. After serving his term in the prison they will get one-way tickets to the country of origin. And their governments will take them back”, — commented on the innovation, the press Secretary of the White house Sean Spicer.