In Germany was absurd increase in defense spending to two percent of GDP

Increase defense spending to two percent of GDP, as required by the North Atlantic Alliance is unrealistic for Germany. On Friday, March 31, said Minister of foreign Affairs of Germany, Sigmar Gabriel, said “I believe the absurd assumption that in the next few years, Germany will spend the Bundeswehr 70 billion euros,” — said the Minister. Gabriel added that Berlin is ready to do more to ensure security, but the German authorities don’t think it’s limited to just the increase in defense spending. “We Germans currently spend a lot of money for the admission of refugees who come to us because military action has failed, without bringing the situation to stabilize. Thus, we see what can happen when attention is concentrated only on increasing military spending,” the Minister added. Before March 31, U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson, speaking to the foreign Ministers of NATO, reminded the members of

The white house called the defeat of ISIS a higher priority compared to Assad’s departure

The United States must recognize that the future of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad depends on the people of Syria. The main priority of the United States in the region should be the defeat of the militants of the “Islamic state”. As reported by Reuters, said at a briefing the press Secretary of the White house Sean Spicer. “As for Assad, there is a political reality that we have to accept,” he said. According to him, under the previous administration in this regard has been missed many opportunities. “The United States has a serious priorities in Syria and Iraq, and we have made it clear that the fight against terrorism, particularly the destruction of ISIS, is foremost among those priorities,” said Spicer. Representative of the American administration thus confirmed the words of the US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, who said that the departure of Assad as President of Syria

The Communist party announced a rally against the economic policy of Russia

The Communist party plans to hold a nationwide protest against the economic policy 8 April. A statement published on the party’s website on Friday, March 31. “We urge all of our citizens, a wide range of state-Patriotic forces to take to the streets and support the requirement for the change of socio-economic policy”, — reads the statement of the leader of the party Gennady Zyuganov. The Communists emphasize that they have long and resolutely fight against the destructive economic policies of the Russian authorities and municipal racketeering. According to the Communist party, will join the campaign a number of NGOs, in particular the Movement in support of the army, the Union of Soviet officers and Russian women’s movement “Hope of Russia”. It is noted that the event will be held at the site near the Revolution square in Moscow. Agreed its implementation by authorities of the capital, is not specified.

The Russians praised the work of Putin as President

Vladimir Putin The work of Vladimir Putin as President of Russia endorses 81 percent of Russians. This is evidenced by the results of a survey of Fund “Public opinion” (FOM) published on its website on Friday, March 31. If presidential elections were held next Sunday, Putin would have voted 64 percent, the study said. Ten percent of respondents would give their vote to the leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky, four percent — the Chairman of the CPRF Gennady Zyuganov, two — businessman Mikhail Prokhorov (he ran for the presidency in 2012 — approx. “Of the”). At the same time, nine percent of respondents would not go to the polls next weekend, according to the materials of the Fund. 78 percent of survey participants said that they trusted the Russian leader. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, according to the study, trust is almost half of Russians — 41%. The study was

Collectors stone shot down a drone with money

In the Internet appeared the video with bill collectors, which stone shot down the drone with the money. Write on Friday, March 31, highlighted by the TV channel “Star”. The man in the video explain that conduct testing services for the delivery of cash with the help of a drone and work out different situations. “Safety test. Threat # 4: shoot down a drone with a rock,” explained one of the collectors before you knock out raised in the air drone with cash. After the machine fell to the ground, employees of financial institutions showed that bills were inside, stained in blue color (this happens because the device is equipped with a special capsule that is broken during the attempted robbery). In the video it is also noticeable that men use the inventory with the symbolism of the savings Bank. The “star” in a press-service of the financial institution confirmed

A cat, a bathhouse, forest and the post of master of the masons

A cat, a bathhouse, forest and the post of master of the masons On the 1st of April, the Russians told the VTsIOM figures, how to become happy and free from stress. The Russians are sure that the superiority of women politicians over men is exceptionally frequent changing coats. From the stress of citizens of the Russian Federation suggest to peel potatoes, to learn “where the falling arrows of Cupid”, and “money, women, rock-n-roll” will help to achieve success in life. That is how the respondents in the course of the year responded to the open questions of sociologists of the all-Russia centre of studying of public opinion (VTSIOM) on various topics. By 1 April sociologists have collected the most witty and sincere expressions of the Russians, which they gave to the questions without the answer options. So, female politicians should be on top, however, life is still inferior to

The head of VTsIOM: the quarter of Russians believe the Sun revolves around the Earth

The head of VTsIOM: the quarter of Russians believe the Sun revolves around the Earth The results of a survey of residents of the Russian Federation has amazed even experienced sociologist. Every fourth inhabitant of Russia is convinced that the Sun revolves around the Earth, and not Vice versa, has told in interview “news” the General Director of VTsIOM Valery Fedorov. Sociologists for several years ask the Russians that question, every time a significant portion of the population demonstrates a commitment to an alternative world view. According to the poll, a quarter of Russians believe that not the Earth revolves around the Sun and the Sun around the Earth. It is a sociological fact that we have installed, and then double-checked again and confirmed.Valery Fedorovdirector Polls The head of VTsIOM has admitted that he was amazed by the response of the Russians to this question — other sociological data it

Putin asked Russia’s influence on U.S. elections: read my lips — no

Photo: RIA Novosti The President of Russia Vladimir Putin, answering a question of the moderator of the Arctic forum, where it did the Moscow to influence the U.S. elections, said that in the United States, certain political forces are trying to play anti-Russian card in favor of their interests, with the aim to consolidate its position. While Putin has called a mistake and irresponsibility of trying to ruin diplomatic relations between Russia and the United States. “We want to minimize at all? They are already at zero. We want to bring the situation to the Cuban missile crisis? I think this is a big mistake,” Putin said. In response to another question, whether Russia is trying to influence U.S. elections, Putin said: “Read my lips — no”.

Putin: Russia’s military activities in the Arctic is local

Photo: RIA Novosti Military activity of Russia in Arctic regions is of a purely local character and does not bear a threat to world security. This was stated by Russian President Vladimir Putin at the forum “Arctic – territory of dialogue”. “If what we do has a local character, that make the United States in Alaska, has a global character. As it develops missile defence system and these systems is known to be one of the very serious problems facing the world today in the field of security. And it’s not just a defense system, it is part of the nuclear potential on the periphery”, – said Putin. He noted that the Russian activity in the Arctic associated with the re-establishment of navigation in this region of the world, to ensure his safety. Putin said that the infrastructure will have to double and even triple purpose, which will guide the