A cat, a bathhouse, forest and the post of master of the masons

A cat, a bathhouse, forest and the post of master of the masons

On the 1st of April, the Russians told the VTsIOM figures, how to become happy and free from stress.

The Russians are sure that the superiority of women politicians over men is exceptionally frequent changing coats. From the stress of citizens of the Russian Federation suggest to peel potatoes, to learn “where the falling arrows of Cupid”, and “money, women, rock-n-roll” will help to achieve success in life.

That is how the respondents in the course of the year responded to the open questions of sociologists of the all-Russia centre of studying of public opinion (VTSIOM) on various topics. By 1 April sociologists have collected the most witty and sincere expressions of the Russians, which they gave to the questions without the answer options.

So, female politicians should be on top, however, life is still inferior to men. They “wear skirts”, “slovenly trimmed”, “cosmetics are doing more than”, “coats often change”, “many say” and have a “weakness to money.” So said the Russians polled by VTsIOM. The advantages of women politicians gained less they are “fashionable dress”, “more sober, less walk” and “may not be time to smile.”

Chance to succeed in life, according to the Russians, not so much, but they are still there. To do this: “do not eat, drink” “know the criminal code of the Russian Federation” and have a “hairy hand”. Also, according to some respondents, can help “money, women, rock-n-roll.”

Happiness is seen to nationals is quite simple: “a cat, a bathhouse, forest and the post of master of the masons”. But “we need to know his price” is the key to a good mood

But most importantly, according to the Russians, to protect yourself from stress. Make it easy, come to the aid of household methods: peeling potatoes and playing ping-pong. It is a good idea “to go to the country, there to drink more milk” and “follow the news”.

However, if “revise”, the mood can drop. And there’s also close to a new stress. Among the grief — marriage and the noise of the city. “To live life — not to go”, I think Russian citizens.

No less than the marriage of the Russians upset the ecology and industry. To cope with this will help transfer the ring road “far away” and understanding “what they are doing inside, where they buried their conscience” when it comes to the industrial enterprises — “why the Director did not marry” .

If the industry citizens once accustomed, with homeopathy they did not get better. Some consider homeopathy “degradation of the brain”, others “treatment jellyfish” or “any infection”, “something in India.”

With the theme of love, things are too easy.

The Russians meet “regularly and widely” — mistaking the houses, in the style of “found and captured” (answered by men)

Perfect place for Dating, “where the bolt of Cupid fall.” While the specific location of her fall respondents couldn’t tell.

An equally important topic — how to protect themselves from witchcraft. Enchantment retreat if “cross hands and feet”, “wash the salt floor” and “put aspen”. In addition, effective protection of the class bioenergy and Sahaja yoga. But the surest way to “change yourself and become transparent.”