Deripaska called the accusations of the American media in its address part of the campaign against Russia

Oleg Deripaska © Sergei Savostyanov/TASS MOSCOW, March 31. /TASS/. Russian businessman Oleg Deripaska, has called the publication of the American Agency Associated Press (AP) on his alleged (Deripaska) involvement in the promotion of the interests of the Kremlin part of the anti-Russian campaign in traditional American media. This is stated in the statement Deripaska, published in the Washington Post.

Flynn offered to exchange the evidence on the relationship of the headquarters of the trump with RF immunity

Flynn offered to exchange the evidence on the relationship of the headquarters of the trump with RF immunity A former aide to trump was under threat of prosecution. Moscow. March 31. INTERFAX.RU — Former US presidential Advisor on national security Michael Flynn is ready to testify, the FBI and members of Congress investigating the possible connection of the election headquarters of Donald trump with Russia, in exchange for immunity from prosecution, reports Fox News citing sources. Flynn’s lawyer Robert Kelner refused to comment on the information. The TV channel notes that it is not known what the testimony of the former presidential adviser is ready to give the Bureau and the Committee on intelligence of the upper and lower houses of Congress. According to sources, Flynn made the proposal because may be at risk of prosecution after his brief tenure As previously reported, FBI is investigating contacts with Russian representatives

The Pentagon commented on the doctrine in the German-speaking extras

The Pentagon commented on the doctrine in the German-speaking extras WASHINGTON, Mar 31 — RIA Novosti, Dmitry Zlatarev. Teachings stationed in Germany U.S. troops with the participation of “Russian-speaking supernumeraries” are not preparing for any action, told RIA Novosti the official representative of the Joint multinational training center for military personnel in Germany, the captain of the U.S. army, Chris Bradley. Earlier, the German staffing Agency Optronic HR confirmed that looking for Russian-speaking extras for American military exercises in Germany. Daily allowance is from 88 to 120 euros, exercises will be held in two weeks In parallel with the Russian-speaking statisticians is the recruitment of volunteers with knowledge of Polish or Czech languages. In the explanation on the Agency’s website says, the extras need “for role-playing games in the training exercises of the U.S. army.” With their help, “will be presented to the civilian population in the regions affected by

The hackers posted in the Facebook Hollande’s invitation to “otvalnuyu party”

The hackers posted in the Facebook Hollande’s invitation to “otvalnuyu party” MOSCOW, 31 Mar — RIA Novosti. Unidentified hackers posted on the website of the President of France Francois Hollande in Facebook invitation to come on “otvalnuyu party” in connection with the forthcoming expiration of the term. The ad, which appeared on the website of Hollande, invited the guests to the event, which allegedly was held may 7 at 20:00 at the Elysee Palace. According to the BFMTV, the invitation was removed one hour after its occurrence. The authors of the comic invitation in principle known: it is distributed in the network of activists of the movement “For resignation of Hollande” However, the group denied any involvement in hacking the account of the President of France. Election of the President of France will be held in two rounds on 23 April and 7 may. Hollande refused to fight for a

U.S. Secretary of state spoke about NATO’s role in repelling the aggression of Russia

Rex Tillerson U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson said that NATO is the main element necessary to deter Russian aggression. It is reported Bloomberg. “Let me at the outset to be clear: the U.S. strongly support the existence of NATO, and the Alliance remains the Foundation of transatlantic security, U.S. Secretary of state said, speaking before foreign Ministers of the block. — The Alliance is of fundamental importance to counteract the agitation and aggression of Russia, which is sometimes carried out with the use of violence”. According to the Agency, thereby Tillerson has tried to reassure members of the Alliance, suspicion of Washington’s intention to improve relations with Moscow at their expense. He succeeded, and the meeting was held in a positive atmosphere, emphasizes Bloomberg. The Secretary again reminded the member countries of NATO about the need to uphold the Charter and to pay for defense at two percent of

The FBI has published previously unknown photos from the scene of the September 11 attacks

The FBI announced on its website unpublished photos of the Pentagon after the attacks of 11 September 2001. The Agency posted 27 new photos. They, in particular, shows the wreckage of the plane hijacked by terrorists and abandoned by the liner hole in the building of the defense Department of the United States. Photo: 1/7 On some pictures captured rescuers, firefighters and the FBI. 11 September 2001 in the USA took the largest terrorist attack in modern history. Suicide bombers of the banned terrorist organization al-Qaeda hijacked four passenger aircraft. Two aircraft crashed into the world trade center towers in new York, the third fell on the Pentagon, and one crashed near the city of Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Killing about three thousand people, more than four thousand were injured.

The US has imposed sanctions against 11 officials and one company from North Korea

The American authorities have imposed sanctions against one company and 11 officials from the DPRK. On Friday, March 31, reported on the website of the Ministry of Finance of the United States. “It was a response to the development of North Korea’s weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and violation of the resolutions of the UN Security Council,” — said in a statement. It is noted that in the sanctions list includes three representatives of the North Korean banks and corporations in Moscow. In addition, there are representatives of foreign trade organizations of the DPRK in China, Vietnam and Cuba. The Ministry said that these people are suspected of involvement in the provision of financial assistance in the development of WMD. March 25, North Korea threatened nuclear attack if the US attempts a pre-emptive strike. In particular, Pyongyang demanded that the United States “to immediately halt targeted against the DPRK military

Labor Minister opposed the extension of the leave processing

Maxim Topilin The Minister of labour and social protection of Russia Maxim Topilin spoke out against initiatives of the state Duma to increase the number of days of paid holidays for employees with irregular schedule, reports RIA Novosti. “I don’t think we need to talk about what we don’t have enough holidays. The labour legislation in this respect everything is balanced, there are requirements for overtime, there are a sufficient number of additional holidays,” — said Topilin. According to him, the Ministry of labor, by contrast, worked through proposals on the reduction of leave, especially for employees in the areas of providing long rest. To compensate for the lost days offered cash payments. On 28 March representatives of LDPR in the state Duma introduced a bill to give employees with irregular schedule overtime extra vacation lasting from 3 to 15 days. The document also States that the time worked by

Passenger fell under a train at the station.

The passenger came under the train arriving at the station “Botanical garden” of the Moscow Central ring (CIP). On Friday, March 31, reports TASS with reference to the highway account in the Telegram. According to the report, the incident occurred at 19:44 GMT. “Pedestrian violating the rules of safe conduct, crossed the road in front of the approaching train, with the result that were injured”, — stated in the text. Information about the victim’s condition is not given. Meanwhile, RIA Novosti citing a source in the emergency services reported about his death. It is noted that the movement of all trains in a clockwise direction has been suspended for 10 minutes. In the opposite direction “Swallows” follow in the normal mode. On 27 March it was reported about the suspension of movement of trains of the monorail transport system in the North-East of Moscow, which occurred due to falling on

The foreign Ministry criticized the position of NATO and Tillerson in relation to Russia

NATO once again puts their ideological dogma above real work on solution of global problems, and only a radical change in the very nature of this Alliance, hopelessly bogged down in its own past, can give a chance for change for the better in the sphere of European security. This statement was made by the Russian foreign Ministry, commenting on the results of the meeting of the NATO Council at the level of Ministers of foreign Affairs. As noted in the Department, the unifying motif for NATO troops has become the myth of “Russian threat”, the slander about “Russian aggression” and endless incantations about the need for her to “collectively confront.” Also the foreign Ministry perplexed position Secretary Rex Tillerson, who said that NATO is the main element necessary to deter Russian aggression. The foreign Ministry stressed that the Alliance insists on continuing to act according to old patterns, when