Scientists have figured out what was previously on Mars

Scientists have figured out what was previously on Mars

Researchers from the University of Colorado at boulder found that a large part of its atmosphere Mars has lost from-for bombardment by the solar wind. Scientists believe that this has changed the climate of the red planet from warm and wet to cold and dry. A study published in the journal Science.

The climate of the planet depends on the composition of the atmosphere. To better understand how the Martian atmosphere changed over time, scientists decided to measure the concentrations of two isotopes of argon in the atmosphere at different altitudes.

The researchers found that a lighter isotope of argon at high altitudes is more common than severe and the solar wind is easier to “throw” it from the atmosphere. Using the data obtained by the American satellite MAVEN, the researchers found that 66% argon disappeared from the atmosphere of Mars since the beginning of the birth of the planet.

Scientists suggest that the Martian atmosphere was once thick with the Earth’s atmosphere consisted mainly of carbon dioxide. To date, much of the atmosphere of the red planet “weathered,” which led to global changes in the Martian climate.

The main goal of MAVEN is to study the state and evolution of the atmosphere of Mars, in particular, the loss of the planet of its atmosphere. The satellite was launched as part of the mission of NASA’s search for traces of life on Mars.