Most Brazilians are disappointed in the government of Temer

Michel Temer

The approval rating of the government of the Brazilian leader Michel Temer fell to a record low. About it reports Reuters with reference to the results of the polls.

A study conducted by the national Institute of public opinion and statistics, showed that 55 percent of Brazilians evaluate the work of the government negatively, considering them “bad” or “terrible” (in December 2016, the figure was 46 percent). Reacted positively to the activities of Ministers, only 10 percent of respondents (compared to 13 percent last December).

Falling popularity of the President: if at the end of 2016 26 Brazilians were satisfied with his rule, now the figure is 20 percent, at the same time, the number of opponents of the President increased from 64 percent to 73. Eight out of 10 Brazilians said they do not trust the Temer.

Temer holds the post of head of state from 31 August, when the Brazilian Senate approved the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff. The opposition accused it of violating tax legislation and the use of budget funds during the election campaign in 2014. After that Brazil was headed by the Vice-President who will govern until January 1, 2019, when the was supposed to expire presidential term, Rousseff.