“Suffering “Moydodyr”. What persecuted of Korney Chukovsky?

“Suffering “Moydodyr”. What persecuted of Korney Chukovsky?

31 Mar 1882 born Nikolai Korneichuk, who became known under the name of Korney Ivanovich Chukovsky.

The author of the legendary tales “Crocodile”, “Moidodyr”, “cockroach” and many others still remains the most published in Russian children’s writer. However, the way to unconditional acceptance and popularity Chukovsky had to go through a serious test.

Krupskaya vs crocodiles

Baiting Chukovsky began with an unexpected and rather confusing article Nadezhda Konstantinovna Krupskaya, was published in the newspaper “Pravda” in 1928. Korney Ivanovich by that time was already famous, sought-after writer.

In the article titled “About “Crocodile” Chukovsky” the wife of the leader of the revolution wrote that, they say, to teach a child to talk all sorts of nonsense, read all sorts of nonsense, may be accepted in bourgeois families. But this has nothing to do with the education, which should give the younger generation in the country of the victorious proletariat. And anyway, such talk is disrespectful to the child. “I think, “Crocodile” our children do not have to give, not because it’s a fairy tale, but because it is bourgeois dregs” gave Krupskaya sentence.

The writer painfully reacted to this publication. In his diary he wrote that after learning about the article Nadezhda Konstantinovna, he became ill physically, not to mention morale. However, the penitential response Krupskaya, he wrote immediately.

“Chukovsky” — a dirty word!

Article Krupskaya was not limited. A year later, a meeting of parents of kindergarten Kremlin adopted a resolution “We call for the struggle against the “Cuckolding”.

The process resulted in the ban of many fairy tales Chukovsky and rabid abuse in the press

“Cocomino” he remembered for a long time. During the war, for example, critics had attacked the writer for the story “Defeat an Ogre”.

The campaign against Chukovsky, in recognition of the writer, began the most tragic period of his life.

“It’s my name became a dirty word,” lamented the writer.

“Merry Kolkhozy” and years of regret

After exactly 30 years after the beginning of the persecution Chukovsky admitted in his diaries that the penitent letter he wrote to Krupskaya, was a terrible mistake in his life that he regrets so far and will regret it to the end of days.

His message Krupskaya he called “cowardly act”

Wrote that brought him to extreme poverty, confusion. And most importantly, admitted that the letter he wrote not on his own initiative.

“He was a tempter (I think his name was none) and tried to persuade me to publicly repented, he wrote a renunciation of his previous errors and would have said that from now on I will devout to write books — and gave me the title for them “Funny Kolhozi,” recalled Korney Ivanovich.”

The writer was most distressed that after this repentance many of his friends and colleagues turned away from him. What decision he took, in fact, not himself, and under pressure.

Died Korney Ivanovich October 28, 1969, at the dacha in Peredelkino, where he lived most of his life. According to the memoirs of contemporaries, despite the fact that Chukovsky was a kind, forgiving people, he was never able to forgive those who denounced, persecuted, deprived for years of the ability and desire to write for children.