In Ukraine found a unique Scythian woman

In Ukraine found a unique Scythian woman

Tractor in Kirovohrad region stumbled upon a stone that turned out to be a unique archaeological artifact.

Seeing the boulder human shape, the man turned to the scientists. Arrived at the scene by archeologists, who found that the figure is so-called Scythian Baba about V century BC, reports TSN.

Everything in the world was found hundreds of similar statues, but this early in just the third.

Stone woman, despite the name, not always depict women — sometimes, for example, figures of warriors. As a rule, they were established on the burial mounds of nomadic peoples — Scythians, Cumans, and many others. A lot of these stone sculptures found in the southern Russian steppes in the East of Ukraine, and also in southern Siberia, Mongolia, Central Asia. Scientists attribute these sculptures with the cult of ancestors.